Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  14 Resolved Issues


KGEO-924 Cairo marker caching
KGEO-925 Cairo track line simplification
KGEO-925 Remove use of static_assert
KGEO-926 WMS: Add tracksimplifythreshold parameter
KINFRA-2663 Fix memory leaks in hdfs driver
KINFRA-2672 In GaiaSetDataContainer, assemble string for toString() in ctor
KINFRA-2672 Update to previous fix for making GaiaSetDataContainer::toString() thread safe
KOLAP-2215 During Alter table drop column or Alter table rename, drop the intermediate table i.e. dependent objects properly. - Also the Rank 0 does the job of dropping the dependent objects
KOLAP-2533 Use fast-path in more cases with /append/records
KOLAP-2847 Changed Bitmask stencil call allocateInTier flat from WaitForMemory::False to WaitForMemory::True
KOLAP-2848 Move chunker initialization to onHandleMessage
KOLAP-2850 Shadow cube to disallow caching results of temp tables. fix leak of blank entries in the cache .apply code review comments. add a member function to gaiaset to return if it is system table or not
KOLAP-2859 Joined updates use get_columns_from_ids which returns timestamp values in epochms form. So, when updating the timestamp fields, get timestamp from epochms and update indexdb to avoid data corruption
KUI-1657 Add datetime/timestamp format support to Big Number slice


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