Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  6 Resolved Issues


KINFRA-2478 log to ERROR in ZMQCommunicatorMessageQueue::increment_msgs_sent
KINFRA-2480 bulk_add_object_internal: keep chunk pinned through increase capacity and insert
KOLAP-2572 Set uses dot find instead of std::find since the first one has lower run time complexity
KOLAP-2580 Improve performance of Worker_append_records.cpp:identify_duplicate_primary_key_records - Fix segfault when appending source table with duplicate pks and having geometry vector.  Add tracers to Worker_append_records.cpp and GaiaSet.cpp handling of bulk_add_internal_requests
KOLAP-2580 Move append_records fast_path reshard determination from workers to rank0 - Allow fast-path for source and target having mix of randomly-sharded and routed-sharded - fix tests to be able to compare more results
KOLAP-2588 Fix missing pin check for null vectors


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