Updating the License Key


When a license is expiring or when the amount of licensed components have changed, a new license will be generated and provided to customers. Kinetica Administrators can update the license on the installation by following the steps outlined below.



There are two ways to update the license key provided:

  • UI (Gadmin):
    1. Access Gadmin (http://<kinetica-server>:8080)
    2. On the "Cluster" tab, inside the "Admin" menu stop Kinetica services stop.png
    3. Once the services are stopped change the license key on the "Config" menu under the "Licensing" sectionlicense.png
    4. Click on "Update" then "Start Service"upd-start.png


  • Command Line
    1. Stop Kinetica servicescmd_stop.png
    2. Navigate to /opt/gpudb/core/etc
    3. Edit gpudb.conf file
    4. Replace the license key in the "Licensing" sectionnewlic.png
    5. Save and restart Kinetica servicesstart.png


Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Official Documentation and Support Page.



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