REVL-0001: Resetting the Admin Password in Reveal


Reveal uses a different user directory than Kinetica, therefore resetting Kinetica's admin password doesn't reset Reveal's admin password.

To reset the password to Reveal's default "admin/admin" combination follow the steps outlined below 


  1. On Kinetica's server navigate to:
    cd /opt/gpudb/connectors/reveal/bin
  2. Run:
  3. Open caravel.db file:
    sqlite> .open ../var/caravel.db
  4. Run the update command exactly as below:  
    sqlite> update ab_user set password = 'pbkdf2:sha1:1000$K3bMphfr$65a0961a52002fe6c61f7497c36a6dfe70824aa7' where username = 'admin';
  5. Log into Reveal using "admin/admin" combination


 As a best practice change the default password to prevent security incidents.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit our support page, official documentation page or email us at

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