K-CONN-01: Request timed out error received when running SQL


In some specific cases, high intensive operations sent through SQL can take a long time to process resulting in a request timeout message similar to the one below:


Connection successful
Catalog [KINETICA]
Time 0.156
[Kinetica][Server] (81321) Error during GetResponses: Error sinking: Endpoint:bulk_update_internal, Error: Request timed out after 1226.55 seconds (config param timeout set to 1200 seconds), Chunk: 32of 33, Endpoint:bulk_update_internal (TM/Cc:95); code:1 'Error' (TM/Cc:65); code:1 'Error' (S/Sc:57); code:1 'Error' (S/Sc:57); code:1 'Error'.


While this error appears to indicate the request has failed, this error actually means that the SQL client used has timed out waiting for a response from the server, but id doesn't mean that the server stopped processing the request. 

Affects Versions: All


The request timeout can be increased when running long executing queries either at the client side or at the server side:

  • Server side:
    1. Navigate to /opt/gpudb/connectors/odbcserver/bin
    2. Edit file gpudbodbc.ini $ vi gpudbodbc.ini
    3. At the bottom of the file change the Timeout property to the desired amount (in milliseconds)



** Any change to the ODBC server configuration requires a restart of the odbc server

  • Client side:
    • ODBC:
      • In the driver properties set the Idle Timeout to a higher number (In seconds)
    • JDBC:
      • In the connection string add ConnectionTimeout=xx (Where xx is in seconds)




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