SQL-0001: Request Timed Out Error While Running SQL


In some specific cases, high intensive operations sent through SQL can take a long time to process resulting in a request timeout message similar to the one below. While this error appears to indicate the request has failed, this error actually means that the SQL client used has timed out waiting for a response from the server, but it doesn't mean that the server stopped processing the request. 



Connection successful
Catalog [KINETICA]
Time 0.156
[Kinetica][Server] (81321) Error during GetResponses: Error sinking: Endpoint:bulk_update_internal, Error: Request timed out after 1226.55 seconds (config param timeout set to 1200 seconds), Chunk: 32of 33, Endpoint:bulk_update_internal (TM/Cc:95); code:1 'Error' (TM/Cc:65); code:1 'Error' (S/Sc:57); code:1 'Error' (S/Sc:57); code:1 'Error'.



The request timeout can be increased when running long executing queries either at the client side or at the server side:

  • Server side:
    1. Navigate to /opt/gpudb/connectors/odbcserver/bin
    2. Edit file gpudbodbc.ini $ vi gpudbodbc.ini
    3. At the bottom of the file change the Timeout property to the desired amount (in milliseconds)



** Any change to the ODBC server configuration requires a restart of the odbc server

  • Client side:
    • ODBC:
      • In the driver properties set the Idle Timeout to a higher number (In seconds)
    • JDBC:
      • In the connection string add ConnectionTimeout=xx (Where xx is in seconds)




Additional Information:

  • Affects Version(s):
    • 6.1
    • 6.2


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