Using the "memory_ttl" Feature to Save Memory


Kinetica includes a feature called memory_ttl which allows Kinetica to unload from memory columns that have been idle for the time specified in the memory_ttl setting.

Unloaded columns will then be loaded back into memory when required by a request such as get_records_by_column.

GADMIN will still show the column values when looking at the tables, but the Info tab will show the column memory utilization as 0.00 MB.

Note: memory_ttl should not be confused with table ttl which controls the expiration of the entire table. memory_ttl is global and can only be set on gpudb.conf.



By default the memory_ttl is set to infinite which prevents the columns to be unloaded, to change this setting:

  1. Navigate to: /opt/gpudb/core/etc/ and edit gpudb.conf
  2. Find the line
  3. Change to the desired time in minutes (i.e. memory_ttl=5)
  4. Save gpudb.conf
  5. Restart Kinetica


Once the time expires, the table information window will look similar to this:



If the columns are queried, the information window will look similar to this:



If the entire table is loaded, it looks like this:



Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Official Documentation and Support Page.

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