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CORE-1421 Added Ttl cannot be changed from infinite for intermediate view members. Throw error if options set to persist view membmer
CORE-1421 Updated Collection name can be set on materialized view
CORE-1749 Integrated lod rendering with shape class break rendering
CORE-1794 Fixed bug on all polygons disappeared at a certain view in LOD rendering when lod_data_extent was specified smaller than the view
CORE-1815 Added generation of date/time updated whitelists
CORE-1863 Added "terminated" to the default rank status alert filter
CORE-68 Make more dynamic by add include/exclude and optionaly pass nose options
KGEO-47 Fixed bug on when WKT columns have been flushed due to memory_ttl, on render wait until the triangulation has completed (or up to 1 minute)

A Follow-up fix to create EGLRendererGuard on a stack instead of on a heap


Eliminated the possibility of OpenGL renderer lock leak when a task calculator got a GPU frame buffer assigned

KOLAP-115 Removed printf in GaiaCudaStringFuncs.h
KOLAP-117 Added test coverage showing the proper error message is shown
KOLAP-171 Added collection_name tests for filter_by_area/box
KOLAP-171 Added collection_name tests for filter_by_list/radius/range/series

Added collection_name tests for filter_by_string/value

KOLAP-171 Added collection_name tests in filter_by_area/box_geometry endpoints
KOLAP-171 Fixed a bug on checking filter_by_geometry options
KOLAP-182 Added explicit columns for unpivot
KOLAP-182 Added support wildcard * for all non-pivoted columns 
KOLAP-182 Fixed the option name
KOLAP-182 Updated the unpivot test comments
KOLAP-183 Added a missing sync in the scatterplot jitter code
KOLAP-185 Added 'max_concurrent_kernels' option to control the number of kernels that can execute concurrently
KOLAP-187 Updated RpnElement required copy assignment operator (rule of 3) to enable new setting of RpnElement vector as Rpn rpn = {e1,e2,e3}
KOLAP-188 Added test coverage and try/catch blocks inside OMP loops to correctly catch errors
KOLAP-188 Fixed BlockStencil copy constructor to initialize v_null_index_to_block vectors
KOLAP-188 Fixed resize_elements by eliminating non-fatal error in log when new parallel projection code is called for 0 sized projection
KOLAP-189 Fixed handling of flushed dict vectors during groupby
KOLAP-192 Updated pinned memory pool allocation failures log as DEBUG instead of WARN
KOLAP-198 Fixed bug on Parser with join derived column expression with is_null expression
KOLAP-53 Filter-plan explain correctly describes between filters
KOLAP-53 Simplified FilterPlanner combine_fbds helper function
KPP-1144 Fixed brittle test case that depended on an external test script

Fixed test error to correctly handle gpudb.conf parameter disable_clear_all = true

KOLAP-171 Added collection_name in filter_by_list options



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