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KGADMIN-18 Added options to wait for synchronous table counts when calling show table for table/data browsing

Added function for Advanced Query History will not reload JSON queries.

KGADMIN-70 Added function for Handle GUI when system is down and alerts endpoint cannot provide data
KGADMIN-71 Fixed bug on KiSQL/KiDDL path issues when running in developer environment
KGADMIN-74 Fixed issue on new table force_sync option sometimes passing param as boolean and not string
KGEO-28 Added testing and Throw user error when trying to do a classbreak on an invalid type (instead of failing in the workers)
KGEO-29 Added check on data type for heatmap
KGEO-35 Enhanced GeoJSON output for multilinestring/multipolygon
KGEO-35 Enhanced GeoJSON output support GeometryCollection
KGEO-35 Initial implementation of GeoJSON output via /get/records
KGEO-35 Use the schema string constant for geojson
KGEO-58 Fixed bug on triangulation for LOD rendering didn't handle a geometry collection of geometry collections or multi-polygons correctly and made shape processor run wasting CPU time
KIN-135 Enhanced alerts on In Endpoint_admin_show_alerts.cpp, log user error and show simple message if endpoint is invoked when system is offline
KINFRA-44 Added gpu_index in rank_info struct, GlobalRegistry.cpp fills it in.  gpu_index is needed for GAdmin display
KINFRA-49 Added /opt/gpudb/procs folder to contain procs runtime files
KINFRA-49 Changed default proc directories from /tmp to /opt/gpudb/procs
KINFRA-50 Updated the gpudb script to check for a hostname equal to our hostname in the gpudb_cluster_info.js file on start.  If the current host is not found, it regenerates the file
KOLAP-180 Added more functionality in CREATE DDL (varchar2, byte, NUMBER)
KOLAP-184 Added 'force_synchronous' option to show/table
KOLAP-184 Added the generated EndPointParamsDefs.cpp/h files
KOLAP-188 Fixed Tracer calls in GPUManager.cpp
KOLAP-188 Modified benchmark_left_join_no_count to more closely match point72 case
KOLAP-194 Fixed materialize view refresh issue for root tables
KOLAP-194 Removed the temporary view reference from its parent
KOLAP-203 SQL - Issue in Revoke
KOLAP-213 Fixed memory access violation on CUDA 8 for P100
KOLAP-214 Updated Parser.cpp:isa_nondet_rpn function, SetManager::set_isa_nondet/get_isa_nondet, ProjectionProc classifies projections as nondet,  SetManager::do_get_tables_to_refresh marks nondet tables dirty
KOLAP-215 Enhanced /create/projection preserves dict encoded (tunable via preserve_dict_encoding option)
KOLAP-217 Setup Initial framework for chunk level query caching
KOLAP-219 Fixed bug on ALTER TABLE using wrong action
KOLAP-220 Added create/union constant column tests for test coverage
KOLAP-220 Fixed /create/union throwing when there are constant columns
KOLAP-224 Added new functions JoinedSetChunk::get_datatype and get_actual_attribute
KOLAP-234 Fixed missing column in complex join, when column is used in an expression in the SELECT
KOLAP-45 Fixed bug on replace sort key alias with base column when window function present
KREVEAL-31 Added Reveal SDK
KREVEAL-35 Installed Reveal instance missing non-Python slice files in filesystem
KREVEAL-60 Exclude row from table slice in Reveal
KREVEAL-61 Reveal SDK: Add ability for users to add custom form fields
KTOOL-57 Added a symlink for kiddl in the kitools folder



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