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 KGADMIN-105 Added new column modal error messages also display in parent window
 KGADMIN-114 Added feature that if an error or success message is shown in config table
 KGADMIN-115 Fixed bug on Export CSV all records fail
 KGADMIN-116 Added client side validation for TTL text field in Configure table screen
 KGADMIN-117 Create/config table screen Text Search and Indexed checkboxes shouldn't be present when those fields are not applicable
 KGADMIN-118 GPU model names not displaying correctly in dashboard
 KGADMIN-119 Advanced query route HM only endpoint(s) to HM port
 KGADMIN-121 When internet access unavailable
 KGADMIN-123 Use submit_request for /admin/alter/config and /admin/show/config
 KGADMIN-125 Fixed app init proxy URL check based on whether user is internal or external
 KGADMIN-27 Fixed bug on when creating table from within a collection default to that collection
 KGADMIN-32 Updated Advanced Query form field defaults
 KGEO-69 Added lon/lat range checks with the range of [-180 -90
 KGEO-69 Added more tests for new ST_Distance function
 KGEO-69 Replaced std::isnan call with is_nan call from GaiaCudaMath.h Also
 KGEO-69 ST_Distance & STXY_Distance now get a enum called 'solution_type'. Solution type is the type of the solutions to calculate the distance.
 KGEO-69 Updated vincentyInvertDistF() for unnecessary castings.
 KGEO-70 Added point to line distance functions for Haversine and Vincenty
 KIN-172 Added cmd line params to and pipe through to
 KIN-187 Updated write image for ''
 KINFRA-104 Fixed issue where external text server
 KINFRA-106 Removed unused variables in TomAlterTable.cpp
 KINFRA-109 Fixed bug in GaiaSetBaseVector version update values conversion
 KINFRA-85 Updated gpudb_host_test_agent to work with localhost enabled test_agent_harness to be imported as a module for external use
 KINFRA-86 Changed logs in rebuild_db
 KINFRA-86 Updated rebuild_db: works with 6.2
 KINFRA-93 Updated alter/table update primary key in new table
 KINFRA-94 Fixed comparison of ulimits to be unsigned to avoid error when unlimited
 KINFRA-97 Added Support /update/records on ipv4 fields
 KINFRA-98 Updated Fast path for /alter/table adding dict encoding to a column or deleting a column (uses internal /create/projection/finalize endpoint)
 KOLAP-13 Relocate the casting of window function input
 KOLAP-174 Initial work towards release kernel temp memory earlier; GaiaTempAllocator has a release_memory function that will free all memory (i.e. return it to GPUAllocator)
 KOLAP-217 Added missing locks to GaiaSetChunkCache functions
 KOLAP-217 Added more support code for new gpudb.conf parameters and Modified interface to GaiaSetChunkCache
 KOLAP-217 Added more testing
 KOLAP-217 Stubbed out functions in GaiaSetBase renabled Parser.cpp:convert_rpn_to_string returns empty string for empty rpn
 KOLAP-237 Added support for NTILE window function and completed implementation of NTILE window function and added test cases
 KOLAP-237 Allow repeating singleton test
 KOLAP-237 Break up WindowFunctionsAll kernel -break down into indvidual function kernels and reduces CUDA compilation times from appx. 20 minutes to appx 5
 KOLAP-237 Eliminated extra temp buffers to make use of discard operators where possible
 KOLAP-263 Added much faster dict encoding for /alter/table and /create/projection with preserve_dict_encoding
 KOLAP-263 Minor optimizations for dict encoding -Use sparsepp hash map instead of std::unordered_map -Gather all new keys and insert at the end instead of during lookup
 KOLAP-277 Added test for unions with shard keys of different type
 KOLAP-277 Added unioned tables' shard keys must match in type -Previously we allowed this but we found in verify_db that records were now incorrectly sharded when we changed the type of the underlying shard key column -We now require shard keys to be the same type when unioning
 KOLAP-277 Fixed test to raise error correctly
 KOLAP-277 Removed extra underscore in test name
 KOLAP-279 Fixed CalculateJoinFilter.cpp:calculate_primary_key_join_filter1 avoids filling in indices vector with for skipped chunks unless its a left-join 
 KOLAP-280 Added Tracers for Equijoin and GroupBy processing steps
 KOLAP-283 Fixed problem of clearing materialized view with no member tables clearing all tables
 KOLAP-288 Added Covariance aggregate progress -Aggregate-only case supports nulls -Sink works for multiple chunks/ranks/toms -TODO: get non-aggregate-only case to work
 KOLAP-288 Added Covariance aggregate works with groups
 KOLAP-288 Remove debug statement breaking the cuda build
 KOLAP-288 Started Initial work for covariance aggregate function -Remove redundant aggregate aliases in the enum -Add AGG_COVAR_POP_FUNC
 KOLAP-293 Added ParserUtils::can_promote_datatype_t function
 KOLAP-61 Added tests with aliases on base columns for GRBC to test bug
 KOLAP-61 Fix alias handling in get_records_bycolumn and requires recognizing when a window function has been utilized and realizing that a projection was created underneath the covers
 KPP-1188 Changed test_alter_table_change_column to not rely on MASTER being a protected collection
 KREVEAL-31 Moved SDK source from reveal-sdk repo to this one
 KREVEAL-66 Allow each slice to independently reset filters and query off the base table
 KREVEAL-70 Add backup and restore commands for themes.
 KREVEAL-70 Change theme generation. 
 KREVEAL-70 Fix color scheme.
 KREVEAL-70 Implement SDK commands to create and install theme files.
 KREVEAL-70 Implement SDK solution for white-labeling
 KREVEAL-70 Removed fixed Kinetica purple colors to allow for better white labeling
 KREVEAL-72 Fixed bug on Can't close popup on reveal map when map config bar covers the close button
 KREVEAL-74 Timeline slices need to handle utc vs local timezone for render and filtering
 KREVEAL-75 Improve UI of slice explore screen
 KREVEAL-76 Fixed Build Error - ValueError: ZIP does not support timestamps before 1980
 KREVEAL-9 Conform to linter. 
 KREVEAL-9 Implement new 3D charting slice type 
 KREVEAL-9 Improve CSS for buttons and clean-up backend.
 KREVEAL-9 Improve defaults and adjust margins of X and Z axis labels.
 KREVEAL-9 Update 3D slice icon image



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