K-CONN-02: No results when using 'in' on indexed nullable column


When a column is defined of type nullable and is indexed, trying to select data using the 'in' clause will cause Kinetica to return no results.


1. Create table Test with a nullable and indexed column:

2. Insert values into table:

3. Select from the table using 'in' clause:

Affects Versions: 6.1 GA 14 or older , 6.2 GA 2 or older


This is a known issue and has been fixed in version 6.1 GA 15 and 6.2 GA 3 or newer.

For customers unable to immediately upgrade:

- Removing the index will allow the 'in' clause to work successfully

- Using a 'not-null' column will also allow the 'in' clause to work successfully



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