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KAPI-261 Added a test for getting geo json using GPUdbTable.get_geo_json()
KAPI-262 Updated symlink
KDEVOPS-10 Removed from distribution.
KDEVOPS-4 Added script in to create the /opt/gpudb/bin folder with shortcuts and symlinks to common utilities.
KDEVOPS-4 Moved gpudb_pip symlink creation into API folder, rather than thirdparty folder.
KDEVOPS-4 Updated bin script to specify bash shell.
KDEVOPS-4 Updated core/bin scripts to support sym-linking from elsewhere.
KDEVOPS-4 Updated to match new locations of utilities.
KDEVOPS-4 Updated kiddl bin script to support symlinking to it.
KDEVOPS-7 Added kiloader to
KDEVOPS-9 Added kisql to gitignore to avoid bad checkins.
KDEVOPS-9 Updated the gpudb-admin build to pull the latest kisql.
KDEVOPS-9 Updated to Always force --dont-ask on kisql build.
KDOC-339 Added 'greater' and 'lesser' aliases for 'greatest' and 'least' functions
KGADMIN-123 Fixed bug in advanced query.
KGADMIN-126 Improved error reporting for CSV import
KGADMIN-133 Added custom parsing options for CSV import
KGADMIN-133 Fixed missing replace in resetpassword.html
KGADMIN-135 Refactored CSV import to allow skipping of line parsing errors
KGADMIN-138 Display col index and pk index memory usage in table 'info' page
KGADMIN-49 Added to hostmanager - output license_expiration = 'yyyy-mm-dd'
KGADMIN-86 Added babel libraries to package.json & Add .babelrc & Add babel-loader to webpack configs & Add prettier command to package.json scripts for split files.
KGEO-126 Added test that verifies this is no longer an issue - test now asserts if first step of filter plan is not of type intersect
KGEO-59 Fixed missing outlines and linewidth issue of LOD bitmaps.
KGEO-70 Added a new helper function: 'getClosestPointOnArch()', because the previous function, 'isPointInArc()', could not some edge cases. Adding 'getClosestPointOnArch()' function required some updates for other functions. More edge test cases are now added.
KGEO-70 Fixed the edge case with arc to arc intersection.
KGEO-70 Updated 'Harversine' to 'Haversine'. Implemented ST_Distance between line to line.(Haversine & Vincenty) Add tests for it.
KINFRA-101 Added a 'delete_all_records' option to /delete/records - synchrounously free table memory when delete_all_records option used - clear table persist from disk
KINFRA-101 Added test_delete_records_flush_mem in
KINFRA-116 Memory ttl per table, rank0 validates, workers can set and it works, just not saved to persist
KINFRA-116 Rank0 SetManager saves memory_ttl, add to show_table_response for broadcast to workers at startup.
KINFRA-119 Fixed bug For /create/table, no_error_if_exists flag, handle collections properly
KINFRA-123 Fixed bug on error during load vector, set gsData to rebuild vector'
KINFRA-124 Added kifs_input_dirs option to /execute/proc endpoint
KINFRA-127 Fixed bad SLES dependency 'shadow-utils' -> 'shadow'
KINFRA-127 Removed nvidia SLES dependencies and verified that no nvidia-* dependencies appear in the final package.
KINFRA-142 Added startup checks to the ensure config file does not contain incompatible changes since last startup
KINFRA-146 Updated SyncMemtoFile before start verify_db
KINFRA-147 Updated Lock SetManager during SetManagerFileSync::toJson function
KINFRA-189 Removed unique_ptr from GaiaSetGeometryVectorAccessor::gather_multichunk_pk_data_on_host
KINFRA-191 Used hard-links in CMakeLists.txt to help resolve /opt/gpudb/bin to /opt/gpudb/core/bin rather than the src tree
KOLAP-102 Improved data type handling in window functions -check whether input type can be cast to double for avg(), since timestamp apparently can't be cast to double -change the way we do count() so that instead of copying the input column we have the GPUManager do a "not is_null(column)"; this means we can handle counts of column types that can't be cast to 0 -modify the kernel for count() so that instead of expecting the nulls to be in the null vector, they are stored as integers in the data vector -add tests for sum, avg and count of various date/time types, both legal and illegal
KOLAP-108 Added to load tpcds data.
KOLAP-108 Fixed bug when loading date column with null.
KOLAP-108 Fixed load data bug when table already exists.
KOLAP-108 Fixed text encoding problem when loading customer data.
KOLAP-108 Modified to load tpc-ds data.
KOLAP-108 Removed
KOLAP-148 Reduced some ODBC Server calls of /show/table.
KOLAP-16 Updated fuzzer to whitelist new error message properly
KOLAP-182 Fixed unpivot error message
KOLAP-20 Updated fuzzer whitelist
KOLAP-210 Implemented percent_rank() window function -added new window function to compute percent_rank() -different than other rank functions because it returns a double -similar to rank() but requires computing the size of every partition and then comparing the rank of each record to the total size -added static and variable window functions tests
KOLAP-217 Fixed update/delete test to not be affected by chunk_cache_size
KOLAP-217 Moved TypeObjectManager::m_chunk_cache before m_joined_set_manager to avoid deleteing the cache before the joined sets are deleted when the TypeObjectManager destructor is called
KOLAP-217 Removed options from create_group_by_key function
KOLAP-217 Simple script to dump chunk cache state
KOLAP-217 Updated chunk-cache statistics cleared whenever chunk-cache enabled or disabled.
KOLAP-260 Added parameter to replicate projection -specifies that projection is created as replicated even if the source table is not
KOLAP-277 Added window function error to fuzzer whitelist
KOLAP-277 Fixed mis-sharded records for create_projection -when a shard key column participates in a window function but is not mentioned separately as a column in the projection, we need to make sure we don't consider the projection sharded on that column, since the column will be dropped from the projection at the end of /create/projection -in order to make this happen, we make sure not to add the column to source_column_names, which is used for checking the shardedness of the projection
KOLAP-277 Fixed one more case of improper sharding after fuzzer -cleared out the argument to a window function from the source column names so that it wouldn't be considered a valid projection column for sharding purposes
KOLAP-277 Added whitelist error message when passing timestamp to avg
KOLAP-286 Enhanced Describe Table. CREATE VIEW start time now allows single quotes for forward compatibility with Calcite. Fixed issue with CREATE VIEW REFRESH OFF not giving the right setting.
KOLAP-288 Implemented CORRELATION aggregate function
KOLAP-289 Unable to create materialized view, after first one fails.  We now call clearTable (after a createMaterializedView) in cases where the SQL fails to process.
KOLAP-291 Cleaned up stddev kernel to look like the new statistics kernels
KOLAP-291 Implemented KURTOSIS_POP and KURTOSIS_SAMP aggregate functions (kurtosis)
KOLAP-291 Implemented SKEW_POP and SKEW_SAMP aggregate functions (along with a bunch of aliases)
KOLAP-292 Added Support correlation and covariance aggregates in ODBC.  Updated list of supported functions (including aggregates).
KOLAP-294 Fixed bug for ODBC handling of embedded CUBE or ROLLUP inside GROUPING SETS.
KOLAP-295 Fixed error is now reported if root table is created with different collection_name than was passed to create_materialized_view
KOLAP-300 Enhanced Concat to takes LEFT/RIGHT/SUBSTR functions with constants into accout; much better tracking of concat output sizes; casting down to lower charNs where appropriate
KOLAP-302 Cleaned up window function code -add individual window function methods instead of grouping by returned data type -allows for further breaking apart into more kernels if necessary -makes the code cleaner because there is one switch statement that dispatches to individual functions rather than having smaller switch statements all over the place
KOLAP-306 Refactored AttributeIndex to use a virtual base class; remove separate maps of int att indexes, float indexes, etc
KOLAP-307 Clean up and remove duplicate code from MultiMapIndex
KOLAP-307 EmbeddedList Index passes all tests; is not enabled yet
KOLAP-307 Enhanced Much faster equijoin-ai performance for the MultiMapIndex by parallelizing the lookups and index collection
KOLAP-307 Enhanced Much faster multimap index equijoin performance on high cardinality columns by avoiding copying the unique key set
KOLAP-307 Initial work on a new 'embedded-linked-list' attribute index
KOLAP-307 Progress on EmbeddedListIndex; implemented lookup functions and create_block_stencil for equijoin
KOLAP-307 Use thrust::set_intersection instead of hand-coded loop to merge unique keys (gives a nice speed boost when there are lots of unique keys)
KOLAP-314 Enhanced Case insensitive rollup/cube within grouping_sets
KOLAP-316 Added ability to record arguments on trace events.  Use it to record Kernel execution parameters and GPUManager info
KOLAP-316 Added Algorithm library tracing - various other miscellaneous Tracers
KOLAP-316 Added trace_directory and trace_event_buffer size gpudb.conf parameters and including Added tracing to GenericCalculateTask.cpp, added JoinedSetChunker Tracer, added additional tracers
KOLAP-316 Change conf.ini parameters tracer_directory,tracer_event_buffer_size to trace_directory,trace_event_buffer_size
KOLAP-316 Change gpudb_conf.json trace_directory to /tmp, only try to create trace_directory when events were recorded
KOLAP-318 Added KI_REPLICATE pseudo-function to make Projection results replicated.  Also added KI_REPLICATE_GROUP_BY as an alias for KI_FORCE_REPLICATED (for better consistency).
KOLAP-319 Added ability to replicate projections when input table is not replicated -when creating a projection with is_replicated=true and the input table is not replicated, we will now send all records from each TOM to all other TOMs -in order to avoid a race condition in which we might re-replicate records that were replicated to a TOM already, we initially create a temp table to store the projection in, then we replicate from that temp table to the final table -we then serially send the records tom-by-tom so that replicas will be in the same order, so that verify_db will work correctly; as a benefit this method should use less memory in cases where we have lots of TOMs sending messages to each other
KOLAP-320 Added interfaces for getting and setting between filter key.  Improve JoinedSet from sets and joined sets constructor.
KOLAP-320 Fixed inadvertant check in of under-construction changes
KOLAP-323 Added back materialized_view refresh_method option on_query - but if refresh_method is set to on_query throw a user error indicating it is not implemented
KOLAP-323 Added test to check that setting refresh_method to on_query from either create_materialized_view or alter_table throw a user error
KOLAP-323 Removed all references in endpoint schemas and core to the create_materialized_view refresh option 'on_query'
KOLAP-325 Fixed get/records bug on result table.
KOLAP-326 Fixed /filter/by/table bug with empty table.
KOLAP-326 Updated and when filter_by_list has empty lists.
KOLAP-331 Added test scripts to to verify this bug is already fixed.
KOLAP-337 Fixed Error checking in aggregate/unique to prevent result_table_generate_pk option being used on nullable columns (since primary keys cannot be nullable)
KOLAP-338 Allow Attribute Indexes on raw string columns (but still disallow them on geometry/bytes columns)
KOLAP-353 Updated Percent_rank() needs to return double from ODBC
KOLAP-356 Updated SHOW CREATE TABLE/VIEW to include REPLICATED and TEMP when appropriate.
KOLAP-362 Allow /get/records to have offset > <size-of-table>; simply returns 0 records (used to return an error)
KOLAP-365 Updated check 'refresh_period' and 'refresh_start_time' when 'refresh_method' is 'periodic'.
KOLAP-380 Fix error message for merge records on a collection.
KOLAP-385 Better error messages for /append/records with empty source column, and for converting to/from bytes columns
KOLAP-390 Enhanced FilterPlanner - records outer join condition and left_set_index, right_set_index for all plan types * CalculateJoinFilter - filter expression and between filter expression created with join condition function if needed * GaiaSetBase - create_filter_expression and set_filter_expression take join condition, left_set_index and right_set_index parameters * FilterByBoundsKernel  - correctly initialized fbb_type when chunk skipped
KOLAP-391 Updated bug on create Materialize View for DDL.
KOLAP-392 Updated set refresh_start_time as current_time plus period if it is unset in periodic refresh mode.
KOLAP-393 Better type support for Window functions.
KOLAP-394 Return attribute index and primary key index memory using in /show/table with get_column_info=true option
KOLAP-403 Cleanup SHOW CREATE TABLE output
KOLAP-84 Updated change __REFRESH__ prefix to __TEMP__ prefix so we can make other temp tables besides refresh ignore error checks during their creation
KREVEAL-31 Add aliases to switch statement.
KREVEAL-31 Fix main.js paths and create nested directories.
KREVEAL-62 Added color theme support to Mapbox slice
KREVEAL-62 Add new Mapbox slice for spatial visualization.
KREVEAL-62 Fix code formatting to comply with our standards
KREVEAL-62 Fix polygon not appearing on initial load.
KREVEAL-62 Fix slice names and paths to node modules and more. * Remove old webpack config * Change "Kinetica 3D" -> "3D Chart" * Add ".vscode" to .gitignore
KREVEAL-62 Reduce default circle/line sizes
KREVEAL-62 Update mapbox slice thumbnail
KREVEAL-69 Added dynamic axis on the scatter chart
KREVEAL-70 Merged in missing styles from kinetica.css.
KREVEAL-73 Add missing theme bundle entry for prod webpack build script
KREVEAL-73 Build new screen/GUI to support white labeling
KREVEAL-74 Timeline slices need to handle utc vs local timezone for render and filtering
KREVEAL-75 Improve UI of slice explore screen
KREVEAL-75 Make Query button that displays SQL on Explore screen less confusing
KREVEAL-77 Add feature to empty app browser cache in localStorage
KREVEAL-78 Add Mapbox dark style as provider option
KREVEAL-82 Explore Slice Config checkboxes misaligned on Firefox
KREVEAL-83 Save map slice classbreak column in config
KREVEAL-85 Table column list view columns too wide in Firefox
KREVEAL-86 SDK: Reveal server stopping after stopping slice-watch.
KREVEAL-87 Add regional date formatting option to filter slice in Reveal
KREVEAL-88 Calendar slice does not display year unless you hover over
KREVEAL-89 Add feature to allow restoring of min/max to default settings
KREVEAL-89 Allow saving of open/close state of scatterplot config panel
KREVEAL-89 Fix left margin when slice width forces responsive config panel
KREVEAL-89 Need dynamic axis on the scatter chart
KREVEAL-9 Update default background color for 3D slice
KREVEAL-92 Timeline slice should use global filter to/from to compute range for auto-interval
KTOOL-75 Internal review and update of CMake changes.
KTOOL-75 More fixes for cmake warnings related to cmake >= 3.1 and CMake policy CMP0054.
KTOOL-75 Updated build scripts to better deal with the default CUDA_USE_STATIC_CUDA_RUNTIME, and in addition, in the meantime, turn that setting to OFF by default.
KTOOL-75 Updated CMakeFunctions.cmake to ensure variable will be replaced with its value in future versions of cmake.
KTOOL-75 Updated CMakeGaiaCuda.cmake to change CUDA_NVCC_INCLUDE_ARGS_USER (no longer provided in cmake) to CUDA_NVCC_FLAGS.
KTOOL-75 Updating cmake instructions to support newer CMake required by arrow (required by kio).



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