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KDEVOPS-4 Removed gpudb_log_plot_job_completed_time symlink.
KGADMIN-49 Updated License expiry warning message / expose expiry date in UI.
KGADMIN-92 Implement rebuild database screen and integrate with endpoint
KGADMIN-129 Updated KiSQL Autocomplete Terms for 6.2 (new terms 5/23)
KGADMIN-130 Implemented KiFS Implement file upload
KGADMIN-139 Updated delete_all_records option in GAdmin CSV Import
KGADMIN-142 Updated integers for the table/record counts at the top cluster screens
KGADMIN-142 Updated records field from summary object instead of objects field which better reflects what we are trying to show.
KGADMIN-150 Updated Display foreign key index memory usage in the GAdmin 'info' page
KGEO-142 ST_ClosestPoint now accepts solution_type enums for geodesic distance closest points. [0: Euclidean
KGEO-143 Added createGeodesicEnvelope() function. This will calculate the envelope of any geometry types except GeometryCollection.
KINFRA-96 Created attribute index in alter table (and rebuild_db)
KINFRA-89 Removed mpirun from binary usage string Fixed error typo in GaiaParams Added check for --print flag when validating conf through binary
KINFRA-87 Updated
KINFRA-206 Updated error to not report error when vector is not in memory
KINFRA-142 Changed wording of conf/persist validation errors
KINFRA-142 Only validate the number of ranks and toms if a backup config file is present
KINFRA-136 Added log to debug crash in
KINFRA-123 Updated inability to read rebuild_db file on startup
KINFRA-123 Updated rebuild tables with only store-only columns
KOLAP-108 Updated date ingest file to create empty tables.
KOLAP-108 Updated tpd-ds data files using iso-8859-1 encoding when ingesting.
KOLAP-318 Updated KI_REPLICATE and related keywords case insensitive.
KOLAP-338 Added consistent error message for creating an index on geo and bytes columns (both are not supported)
KOLAP-392 Added check refresh_start_time when it is set.
KOLAP-392 Added period by calling create_gtime function.
KOLAP-394 Returned foreign key index memory usage in /show/table via column_info section. The foreign keys will show up as __fk_<foreign key name> in 'column_info' and include a 'memory_usage' section.
KOLAP-408 Added support for 'create_indexes' option in /aggregate/groupby
KOLAP-409 Added KI_HINT_INDEX support for creating indexes on final result table.
KOLAP-411 Added datetime
KOLAP-411 Added generates complex joins and compares against consecutive simple join/projections
KOLAP-412 Fixed bug by disabling minor optimization to avoid checking if foreign key of a snowflake schema expansion is the null index
KOLAP-419 Added test
KOLAP-419 Fixed bug for when indices and pk_indices are references to the same vector by filling in an initial bool vector that indices such that isa_input_indices[i] = indices[i].size() != 0.  Using this to determine if we are doing the star schema expansion will not be affect by pk_indices[i] being filled in.
KOLAP-419 Simplified
KOLAP-422 Added GaiaSetChunkData::create_primary_key_lookup_table now has final loop that sets indices for null valued foreign keys to the NULL_INDEX
KOLAP-423 Updated null generation to generate the percentage requested scattered amongst the values vice selecting a random index N times to make null
KOLAP-440 Updated Window Function Drops ORDER BY
KOLAP-443 Updated ODBC: IN list from sub-query should not include NULL
KOLAP-444 Updated ODBC: UNKNOWN column type
KOLAP-445 Updated ODBC: Missing columns in complex JOIN
KREVEAL-103 Allow adding new slices in Add Slices model and Add description column in Add Slices modal.
KREVEAL-140 Fixed CSS layout of KiSQL header.
KREVEAL-140 Updated Handle negative numbers.
KREVEAL-89 Added tooltip to scatterplot config feature buttons
KREVEAL-89 Allow saving of open/close state of scatterplot config panel
KREVEAL-95 Changed default setting to false.
KREVEAL-97 Map slice config does not save 16 levels of class break ranges



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