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KDEVOPS-2 Updated the gpudb_hosts_ssh_execute, gpudb_hosts_rsync_to and gpudb_udf_distribute_thirdparty scripts to better deal with single node clusters.
KDEVOPS-31 Added instructions about kifs's new and existing capabilities in the conf file.
KDEVOPS-31 Updated install scriptlets to enable user_allow_other in /etc/fuse.conf when there are no uncommented options in the file.
KDEVOPS-33 Fixed intermittent build error due to incorrect reference of GADMIN_LOG
KDEVOPS-4 Added a new shortcut for in the kitools folder - so it can still be run without gpudb_env.
KDEVOPS-4 Remove kingest_csv from bin.  Users should use kio for that function. kingest_csv still available under kitools.
KGADMIN-151 Update KiFS browser and uploader style
KGADMIN-154 Updated UDF list table should select one row at a time on click
KGADMIN-156 Fixed bug on Can't select shard key option when nullable selected for creating and editing table
KGADMIN-157 Fixed Rebalance status and message not handled correctly
KGADMIN-159 Added total memory available value to dashboard host info panel
KGADMIN-160 Added table memory usage report as modal from table list screen
KGADMIN-162 Added text search table memory usage to table info screen
KGADMIN-92 Disabled rebuild db feature if database is not running
KGADMIN-92 Updated rebuild db warning message
KGEO-132 Completed testing and debugging ST_Distance between point and polygon.
KGEO-133 Implemented ST_Distance between Line and Polygon. Also, Antipodal arc testings are now done before computing actual distances. Return Null if there is a antipodal arc in any linestring or polygon.
KGEO-183 Implemented ST_Segmentize with Haversine(1). Haversine is the default solution for ST_Segmentize. In the future Euclidiean(0) solution type will be added. Currently Haversine ST_Segmentize can accept all Geometry types.
KGEO-183 Replaced cout with GAIA_LOG_DEBUG.
KGEO-183 Updated type defs and name spaces to fit Kinetica's coding standard.
KGEO-195 Fixed the bug with Shapely version. test_geometry_functions3() had to be updated to be insensitive with Shapely versions.
KGEO-195 Fixed the issue with Shapely outputs. From now on the following functions will not allow GeometryCollection inputs: ST_Crosses, ST_Overlap, ST_Touches, and STXY_Touches.
KGEO-196 Added new ST functions to ODBC server
KGEO-199 Added cb_delimiter to wms in order to support class break values including comma.
KGEO-60 updated reflecting feedback from the code review with Geospatial team.
KGEO-60 Updated Shape procesessor memory usage check and management using LRU scheme.
KINFRA-120 Extended table monitor to support multi-head ingest - rank0 runs a proxy to broadcast subscription requests - each worker rank publishes table inserts back to rank0 via proxy - set sub/unsub lists are synced across all ranks
KINFRA-120 Recorded level integrity checks from notifications
KINFRA-141 Checking in alert demo script, scripts/
KINFRA-141 The new alert demo script,, now goes into core/etc/ in the distro, and if we are building a tgz for distribution the script sets the output file to /opt/gpudb/core/logs/alerts.log.
KINFRA-192 Updated Re-infer semantic type before doing type validation during alter table
KINFRA-209 Fixed bug on do not throw on missing table when removing result tables
KINFRA-213 Fixed bug in rebuild table with geometry columns
KINFRA-213 Reduced more time from rebuild_db
KINFRA-213 Removed indexedDB size check in rebuild_db
KINFRA-213 Updated rebuild_table to work on whole chunks and not sub chunks
KINFRA-37 Added new checks to prevent Refresh View Proc from being hung requesting JobId during shutdown
KINFRA-86 Fixed error with nullable IPV4 field type
KOLAP-188 Parallelize JoinedSetChunker setting of m_chunk_size
KOLAP-217 Added high level check if chunk cache is enabled to avoid some work when it is not
KOLAP-307 Updated Faster index creation and joins for the embedded list index
KOLAP-316 Changed TRACER file timestamps to print as longs rather than ints to avoid overflow
KOLAP-358 Fixed bug on table name can not be blank in create/materializedview. Added more tests.
KOLAP-379 Updated throw error when comparison between IPV4 and CharN.
KOLAP-417 Updated /create/projection applies the limit parameter globally by first applying the limit at each tom, then sending the sorted values back to rank 0, doing the global sort, then shrinking down each tom appropriately
KOLAP-422 Fixed bug on null valued foreign keys should be filtered out of table
KOLAP-441 Fixed a bug of node_size function in ParserSimplifier.cpp.
KOLAP-442 Added new read_only property to tabes and Make ITER table read_only.
KOLAP-442 Extracted iterator filter plan but continue implementing as predicate join - non upper bound iterator expressions are implemented by predicate joins after the upper bound expressions plans are executed
KOLAP-442 Fixed Test iterator error handling - Report error when no upper bound on iterator - Report error when iterator used in outer join - Report error when iterator is argument to is_null or encoded functions
KOLAP-442 Implemented ITER table in new SYSTEM collection.
KOLAP-442 Implemented iterator filter plan - ITER table is now of size 1 so count of input joined_set_chunk to ITER plan is correct - CalculateJoinFilter.cpp - added ITERATOR case - FilterPlanner.cpp - form fp.m_upper_bound_expr to be used in IteratorKernel - - implemented iterator kernel to implement the iterator upper-bound filter plan.
KOLAP-442 Show ITER table can be used in same way as Oracle DUAL table
KOLAP-442 Updated Relax requirement on using ITER in outer joins - can be used if upper bound on ITER was established prior, Add more tests
KOLAP-445 Fixed for missing columns in complex join.  Also, fixes for empty sub-queries (or ones that just return NULL) producing invalid expressions.  Also try to Project window functions, to avoid passing them to JOIN and other endpoints that don't support them.  Changed ManifestIfNeeded to return void (previous code always returned true or threw an exception).  Cleaned up some logging that were outputting the wrong module or function name (from copy & paste).
KOLAP-452 Implemented Compute window functions when shard key is subset of partition by - this allows us to compute a window function when the source table is sharded by a subset of the partition by keys -avoids resharding in this case -also allows us to reduce the number of reshardings when multiple window functions can share a single sharding -beefed up testing around multicolumn shard keys and multicolumn partition by clauses
KOLAP-461 Enhanced Multihead /get/records on result tables supports decimal columns; always use the memory-only path for multihead read unless the table has store only columns
KOLAP-461 Enhanced Multihead read fast path works for result tables. Instead of reading records from disk it synthesizes them from the columns in memory.
KOLAP-461 Enhanced Multihead read reads from disk if there are raw string columns (could avoid by looking up via RocksDB but that is probably worse)
KOLAP-462 Added Support FOREIGN KEY in SQL
KOLAP-462 Added Use comma as SQL separator for multiple Foreign Keys, for SQL compatibility (we accept both comma and semicolon, but should probably document just comma).
KOLAP-465 Added Support column compression in CREATE TABLE command
KOLAP-467 Enhanced Use createJoinTable instead of createProjection when possible.
KOLAP-471 Added Eliminate RefreshViewProc::m_delete_in_progress member variable in favor of using BaseTaskRunnable::m_continue_running
KOLAP-473 Improved re-using repeated joins (with potentially different columns selected) in a query by breaking the joins into 2 steps (must be configurable)
KOLAP-473 Make Split Joins off by default, and allow them to be set either way via hints.
KOLAP-483 Fixed invalid multihead routing validation when using a composite primary key with a shard key that is a subset of the primary key
KOLAP-483 Removed inadvertently checked in INFO log
KOLAP-484 Allow /insert/records/random to work on a non-persisted 'result' table
KOLAP-484 Removed commented-out result table check
KOLAP-487 Fixed updating nullable decimal columns to null
KOLAP-498 Fixed Type::get_set_index to correctly identify if type is for a JoinedSet
KREVEAL-105 Fixed modal sizing
KREVEAL-108 Allow map slice heatmap rendering blur radius setting to hit max 32
KREVEAL-113 Improved Reveal Add Dashboard screen
KREVEAL-117 Restored loading animation for map slice activities
KREVEAL-118 Fixed UDF slice button styles on Firefox
KREVEAL-120 Graph Slice Node Position Cache Issue
KREVEAL-20 Added global filter interaction and improve layout for Heatmap viz
KREVEAL-21 Added map auto size options for point size/blue radius
KREVEAL-68 Implemented slice manager component to centralize management of common slice functionality
KREVEAL-79 Removed timestamp column option from slices not responsible for filtering



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