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KGADMIN-151 Updated KiFS file upload to copy file into mount instead of inserting via API.
KGADMIN-152 Added KIO integration with KiFS.
KGADMIN-167 Always display disabled numeric field when Limit Concurrency is unchecked
KGADMIN-168 Improved layout of dashboard host/rank screens to prevent bad wrapping when content too large
KGADMIN-93 Added UI for basic KIO import and export.
KGEO-170 Implemented/tested ST_Collect non-aggregate(scalar) version.
KGEO-179 Implemented ST_LineInterpolatePoint in Euclidean distance.
KGEO-200 Added st_linestringfromorderedpoints supports nulls, single-point 'POINT' output, writing to a result table
KGEO-200 FixED misaligned cuda memory access. Add support for all datatypes for st_linestringfromorderedpoints
KGEO-200 Handle nulls properly in st_linestringfromorderedpoints; if there are no non-null points in a track then output null
KGEO-200 Initial implementation of ST_LINESTRINGFROMORDEREDPOINTS aggregate -Specify in groupby by st_linestringfromorderedpoints(x,y,s) where s is the ordering column (typically a timestamp or sequence number)
KGEO-212 Implemented and tested ST_Collect aggregate version.
KINFRA-212 Added support for TTL on collections
KINFRA-213 Fixed bug in alter_table - long store only columns - GPUManager.cpp
KINFRA-213 Fixed bug in rebuild table with geometry columns
KINFRA-233 Updated alter/table change column in-place changes - update index
KINFRA-233 Updated alter/table change column to store only: in-place set change
KINFRA-235 Fixed multihead ingest error (unknown set_id '') due to table monitor forwarder
KOALP-367 Fixed TTL bug in create/materializedview.
KOLAP-217 Updated some chunk cache handling function to pass strings by const reference (instead of making copies) to avoid Valgrind issues at system shutdown
KOLAP-316 Added GAIA_TRACER() macro using logger to Tracer.h
KOLAP-446 Created temporary tables for SQL CTEs (i.e., "WITH").  This allows more flexible use of WITH sub-queries, and removes our previous restrictions of requiring "AS" when giving a CTE an alias, and not allowing columns (and other expressions) with the same name as a CTE.
KOLAP-461 Multihead get records works on a sharded, indexed (non-pk) result table
KOLAP-470 Allow Indexes to be specified in CREATE TABLE command
KOLAP-470 Allow Indexes to be specified in CREATE TABLE command (tweak)
KOLAP-472 Implemented CREATE REPLICATED TABLE ... AS Fails on Unions & Unpivots
KOLAP-478 Added Check table name_is valid in create/materializedview.
KOLAP-505 Adding code to workers to determine if an incremental update could be done and to give the low level calculate_chunk function info to do incremental update
KOLAP-505 Begin implementing the actual updating of the original table with the incrementally created group-by table
KOLAP-505 Changed aggregate_group_by_internal_request is_incremental_refresh to is_worker_refresh - Groupby created with primary key now necessary for incremental updates - On worker classify if aggregates can be incrementally updated
KOLAP-505 Incremental Update Of Group By In Materialized View
KOLAP-511 Updated Alter Table Column Compression is case sensitive.
KOLAP-511 Updated Compression Properties Are Case-Sensitive
KOLAP-515 Updated SQL - allow create table and create table as to supply a chunk size
KOLAP-518 Added replicated option and create_index option for aggregate/unpivot
KOLAP-519 Added a check to throw error if force_replicated is used for merge_views mode
KOLAP-519 Added a test using merge_views and force_replicated options together
KOLAP-519 Added force_replicated option to replicate the union output
KOLAP-521 Added error checking for geometry column (unsupported) in /aggregate/unique
KOLAP-522 Fixed /aggregate/unique on int8 (was wrapping around negative values due to bad casting)
KOLAP-524 Fixed infinite recursion (nearly) issue with long multiply expression (a*b*c*d*....)
KREVEAL-111 Add hint/helper to add new slice when dashboard is empty
KREVEAL-111 Add table explore mode to slice explore view
KREVEAL-111 Fix explore view action buttons layout
KREVEAL-119 Add PropType for ttl
KREVEAL-123 Fix style of metric create button
KREVEAL-125 Add nav breadcrumb to assist with dashboard/slice design workflow



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