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KDEVOPS-2 Updated to support alternate diff tools with --diff-tool and offer to bail out when there are errors retrieving remote files.
KDEVOPS-2 Updated gpudb_hosts_ssh_execute to be more clear when it is reporting an error.
KDEVOPS-2 Updated several gpudb_hosts* commands to add --hosts, -i <identity_file>, -k, -K ssh options and improved handling of localhost only runs.
KGADMIN-175 Fixed KIO Tool not available from side menu when viewing table
KGADMIN-176 Fixed KIO transfer when using additional CSV parameters.
KGADMIN-180 Added KIO local storage import and export capability.
KGADMIN-180 Changed ‘KIO Tool’ menu option and tab titles to KIO.
KGADMIN-180 Refreshed table and folder drop downs.
KGADMIN-181 Added data loading animation for table stats popup
KGADMIN-93 Added field validation to KIO import/export screen.
KGADMIN-93 Added Adjust text field and select widths.
KGADMIN-93 Added Adjust widths to account for minimum screen width of 1280.
KGADMIN-93 Added Hide credentials on transfer status page.
KGADMIN-93 Added Use global KiFS folder prefix.
KGEO-200 Fixed null handling for st_linestringfromorderedpoints in sinking from multiple ranks/toms
KGEO-200 Fixed st_linestringfromorderedpoints when called with grouping columns on an empty table
KGEO-210 Updated ST_Aggregate_Collect to produce the similar result with PostGIS' ST_Collect called with ST_Dump. The difference is that we ignore Empty geometries.
KGEO-212 Updated both ST_Aggregate_Collect and ST_Collect_Aggregate.
KGEO-212 Updated name to 'ST_Collect_Aggregate'
KINFRA-235 Added test_multihead_ingest to all_tests. - Added a check in test_multihead_ingest to verify multi-head operations are enabled
KINFRA-235 Fixed so it can run under nose
KINFRA-283 Fixed path ti for RHEL driver rpm in
KINFRA-288 Fixed hung insert_records job when using invalid tom in 'route_to_address' field
KOLAP-330 Updated /append/records to just throws an error when target column type is :ipv4.
KOLAP-367 Added tests create_materialized_view TTL for filter and projection root table.
KOLAP-367 Added test TTL on materialized view for join root table.
KOLAP-367 Added ttl_saved in table_info.json.
KOLAP-367 Added ttl test for aggregate_groupby typed materialized_views.
KOLAP-367 Added ttl test for aggregte_unique typed materialized_views
KOLAP-367 Added ttl test for merger_records typed materialized_views.
KOLAP-367 Added ttl test for union typed materialized_views.
KOLAP-367 Fixed the ttl bug for join tpye materialized_views.
KOLAP-367 Added test ttl on 8 types of intermediate view.
KOLAP-39 Fixed sharding for result_replicated and intersect_all handling
KOLAP-401 Added Support window functions in expressions - allow free-form inclusion of window functions in expressions passed to /create/projection and /get/records/bycolumn
KOLAP-461 Updated Multihead read works with the 'in' clause for attribute index satisfiable queries
KOLAP-486 Added 128bit hashes for set operations
KOLAP-486 Added intersect_all/except_all and 128bit hashes for setups
KOLAP-505 Added incremental group-by test benchmarking function 
KOLAP-505 Updated some variable names at rank0 from incrementally_refreshable to worker_refreshable
KOLAP-512 Fixed ParserUtils::replace_map_keys function to work correctly with multiple aliases to identical values - Also GPUManager makes deep copyies of those identical values
KOLAP-525 Fixed ODBC Drops Fraction From PIVOTed Decimals
KOLAP-530 Fixed problem with inner join of multichunk nullable dictionary encoded column giving bad null values - fixed in GaiaSetDictVector.cpp:gather_multichunk_pk_data_on_host_impl_k
KOLAP-534 Fixed foreign key constraint validation to prevent crash due to not checking the pk/fk vector size
KOLAP-535 Fixed st_linestringfromorderedpoints doesn't work via ODBC/SQL.
KOLAP-537 Added new ST_Aggregate_Collect to ODBC server
KOLAP-540 Fixed COUNT() issue when used with WINDOW function with UNION
KOLAP-541 Increased max avro string size from 1GB to 10GB
KOLAP-543 Fixed bad groupby on dict columns where there are between 127-255 unique values per chunk (or between 32k-64k unique values) due to dict values being unsigned (uint8_t/uint16_t/uint32_t)
KOLAP-544 Added Better handling of invalid period in materialized view periodic refresh via ODBC
KOLAP-544 Added Support floating point units in materialized view periodic refresh via ODBC
KOLAP-544 Added Support 'seconds'  units in materialized view periodic refresh via ODBC
KOLAP-545 Fixed GPU memory error due to incorrect handling in GaiaSetDictVectorAccessor::copy_values_to_if when run on a filtered view on a dict column when the underlying base table has grown in size
KOLAP-547 Fixed binary search in GaiaSet::get_chunk_index function
KOLAP-548 Implemented the Levenshtein distance function for charN strings (the function is called edit_distance
KREVEAL-111 Save last working table for table explorer view for convenience
KREVEAL-124 Add table column info and data preview modal to Explore screen
KREVEAL-126 Clean up all slice type icon thumbnail images
KREVEAL-126 Make class break shape fill color dynamic based on shader of color selected by user
KREVEAL-128 Handle stale (Dashboard) breadcrumb
KREVEAL-129 Remove slice add info alerts on dashboard page
KREVEAL-130 Map slice auto-size defaults to active even when config is set to inactive
KREVEAL-131 Scatterplot auto fit trigger doesn't update forms the first time
KREVEAL-132 Map slice not using ranges for double columns
KREVEAL-133 Improve tooltip on Scatterplot class break form fields
KREVEAL-136 Fix minor layout inconsistency in welcome screen
KREVEAL-136 Save open/close state of class break color picker panel
KREVEAL-138 Rename 'import' table concept to something less misleading



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