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KGADMIN-320 Fixed Metric fields in Explore screens should also have add custom metric feature
KGEO-139 Updated multi-attributes class break rendering implementation.
KGEO-143 Normalize function has been updated.
KGEO-156 Enabled MultiGeometries & GeometryCollection for ST_Area in sphere.
KGEO-156 Implemented ST_Area in sphere version. Solution id [0: Euclidean, 1: Sphere].
KGEO-238 Fixed issue with checking Antipodal edges.
KGEO-239 Fixed ST_LINESTRINGFROMORDEREDPOINTS: -Fix for incorrect results when the number of points per group (i.e. per track) is >256 due to incorrect assumption about casting within thrust::reduce_by_key (worked on intel build tho...) -Increase precision for float/double points being written out to the ouput linestrings
KGEO-241 Updated EGL renderer and ShapeProcessor performance logs.
KINFRA-298 Enhanced feature to catch all errors on load vectors from files - and rebuild
KOLAP-334 Updated column_name can not be store_only in filter/bytable.
KOLAP-481 Added persist test on create_materialized_view.
KOLAP-485 Ignore skipped CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES or devices with no free memory and only gently warn about not enumerating them
KOLAP-505 Added min/max to allowed group-by incremental update aggregates
KOLAP-529 Fixed refresh bug for periodic method in materialized views.
KOLAP-529 Updated EndPointParamsDefs.cpp/h files.
KOLAP-556 Fixed SQL NOT IN is not working as expected with ODBC
KOLAP-557 Fixed Window function fails inside of a CTAS.
KOLAP-561 Added a simplifier to convert substring(a,b,<constant>) into charM(substring(a,b,<constant>)) when possible. Now you can append records from substring(char16,1,1) into a char2 column
KOLAP-562 Added tests on Strip of shard keys on the nullable side of outer joins - new test verifies that shard key is stripped both from field properties and from the shard key info needed to determine if group-by is sharded
KOLAP-562 Enhanced NVL(a.x,b.x) is now a component of a shard key if a.x and b.x are components of a shard key and are the same component.
KOLAP-563 Added tests on handle ORDER BY with window function in get_record_by_column -needed to make sure if a column was referenced in the order by clause that the referenced column is added to the underlying projection -needed to map the alias to the corresponding column name when referencing the source table but use the alias when referring to the projection
KOLAP-564 Fixed bad results with st_linestringfromorderedpoints when x/y/t are different datatypes and there are multiple groups
KREVEAL-107 Updated SDK slice sample/template to implement new optimized code
KREVEAL-139 Enabled global filtering on Sankey slice type
KREVEAL-140 Enabled global filtering on Horizon slice type
KUI-166 Fixed Silent logout causes KiSQL queries to seem to run successfully, when they have not
KUI-169 Fixed  Import S3 CSV file into Kinetica and export table from Kinetica into S3 CSV file.
KUI-169 Hide AWS Secret Access Key
KUI-169 Improved S3 field names.
KUI-179 Removed shapefile from export options as it is not currently working.
KUI-179 Standardized files paths fields on KIO
KUI-185 Deleted KiFS files/folders
KUI-185 Enhanced KiFS folder browsing styling
KUI-185 Fix/updated KiFS file/folder delete and overall screen layout
KUI-319 Updated Word Cloud slice to support table without timestamp column
KUI-321 Added help/guide information to KiFS screen
KUI-321 Minor button style update
KUI-321 Updated help/guide information to KiFS screen
KUI-321 Updated KiFS help messaging
KUI-323 Column stats modal in GAdmin does not handle nullable numeric columns properly
KUI-325 Added error message to transfer status.
KUI-325 Display partially missing Completed status.
KUI-326 Fixed Exec UDF proc modal should not have collections in table dropdowns
KUI-327 Implemented optimistic cancellation of jobs on Job Manager screen
KUI-327 Updated default GPUDB_API_TIMEOUT to 999 seconds to match default proxy timeout
KPP-1249 Fixed issue with testing joined table with no sharding -problem with test case in which we tried to join unsharded tables -only occurred under "full" test option



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