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KDEVOPS-46 Added to manage startup inside docker containers.  This handles dealing with updating the conf from persist or backup locations when available.
KDEVOPS-48 Added logic to to prioritize free GPUs.
KDEVOPS-48 Updated gpudb-docker-start - corrected start issue and printout information about memory-constrained devices.
KDEVOPS-49 Added the FULL_START environment variable check to
KGEO-131 Implemented distance between polygon to polygon.
KGEO-143 Fixed geodetic envelope function issue. Not it creates the same geodetic envelope for polygons. It is also tested by calculating distance between lines and polys, because that was when geodetic envelope is mainly needed.
KGEO-154 Added WFS (Web Feature Services) handler - Using a common OWS () for both WFS and WMS handlers -GetCapabilities implemented in XML - DescribeFeature returns a generic schema only - GetFeature only implements get_records in geojson
KGEO-248 Added Support sharded groupby result table with geometry aggregates (i.e. st_linestringfromorderedpoints)
KINFRA-120 Renamed set_monitor avro response + request names to identify internal msgs - Return error from worker if multi-head disabled - Improved error handling and reporting
KINFRA-299 Initialize stencil in GaiaSet also when all attributes are store_only
KOLAP-335 Fixed filter/bytable bug on timestamp datatype.
KOLAP-360 Added better error messages for expressions with invalid data types
KOLAP-374 Added more test cases.
KOLAP-374 Fixed offset and limit bug in /get/records/byseries.
KOLAP-413 Added text_search property 'opt-in' - i.e. you have to specify text_search if you want it. Previously if you had a raw string without any properties it would default to data,text_search. Now it will just default to data.
KOLAP-442 Fixed clear-all bad error return
KOLAP-442 Updated ITER table and SYSTEM collection marked read-only.  Calling clear_table on a read-only table throws and error.
KOLAP-485 Use cuda index, not nvml, if env CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES is set to respect their order
KOLAP-505 Updated last_result_table_refresh_time to last_update_time and set during delete_records and update_records commands
KOLAP-505 Updated Rank0 no longer prevents group-by result tables from being worker refreshed when they don't have a primary key - Worker only permits incremental refresh if group-by result table has a primary key
KOLAP-525 Updated ODBC Drops Fraction From PIVOTed Decimals
KOLAP-566 Added KI_HINT_GROUP_BY_PK to have all group by operations generate Primary Keys
KOLAP-566 Use Join for Projection for last step in a Projection of a View (which should be deleted when base tables are deleted anyway, so don't need Projection for this case) -- Except when table is a DUAL table.
KOLAP-566 Use Join for Projection for last step in a Projection of a View (which should be deleted when base tables are deleted anyway, so don't need Projection for this case).
KOLAP-567 Fixed expand_derived_cqolumn_names_for_attribute to handle is_null of derived value
KOLAP-585 Added more tests to verify create/union returns correct datatype for decimal/timestamp/wkt.
KOLAP-585 Fixed union ipv4 return int datatype bug.
KOLAP-586 Fixed rank0 sending groupby results back into a result table when there are geometry columns and >100k groups (i.e. multiple batches to be sent)
KOLAP-588 Added support for INTERSECT ALL and UNION ALL.
KPP-1259 Updated fuzzer whitelists to remove old bugs and handle new ones
KPP-1261 Added missing job cleanup call to WMS and WFS handle
KUI-218 Added Date picker in Reveal
KUI-218 Added placeholder date format to assist user input of filter
KUI-218 Improved layout of date filter fields
KUI-218 Restricted version of react-datepicker package
KUI-328 Disabled table column stats feature for store-only columns
KUI-329 Added missing space in note
KUI-329 Fixed drag and drop not working on Firefox.
KUI-329 Improved note on new import screen
KUI-329 Redesigned KIO import
KUI-329 Resized transfer button and show importing status on drag an drop screen.
KUI-335 Scatterplot charting API request passes non-int dimensions when browser is zoomed
KUI-336 Added header format option to table CSV export
KUI-337 Added batch size option for CSV import and standardize styling across various import/export tools
KUI-338 Enabled global filtering on Box Plot slice type



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