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KGEO-135 Implemented Haversine/Vincenty distance function between singular-geometry and multi-geometry.
KGEO-136 Implemented Haversine/Vincenty distance function between multi-geometry and multi-geometry.
KGEO-143 Added more comments using Doxygen format. Also fixed some misspells.
KGEO-156 Updated the name of a function: coordsAreaSphere -> sumLineInternalAngleSphere.
KGEO-244 Implemented ST_GeomFromGeohash & ST_PointFromGeohash.
KGEO-254 Implemented ST_Geohash, and added its tests.
KGEO-244 Updated the way to read/write CharN for Geohash functions. Now there is no extra memory allocation.
KGEO-255 Fixed a crash in CairoRenderer incurred by CB_RASTER without specifying pointshapes; changed the default pointshapes from none to circle for CB_RASTER.
KGEO-259 Added tests when target/source tables do not exist.
KINFRA-294 Added option for a specific table in list all table files
KINFRA-294 Removed old persist scripts and start update of and
KINFRA-294 Updated
KINFRA-294 Updated logs in
KINFRA-315 Added new action to alter_table: remove_text_search_attributes
KINFRA-315 Added fast alter table when removing the only text_search column
KINFRA-315 Disallow all inserts/updates/deletes on any table with a text_search annotation when text search is disabled
KINFRA-315 Disallow throw when loading a type with a text_search column, when text_search is disabled. complete loading type.
KINFRA-315 Updated alter/table remove text_search columns when text_search is disabled
KINFRA-321 Added support for large(>2GB) string/bytes values when reading from indexdb
KINFRA-331 Fixed rebuild perf time condition
KINFRA-332 Increased communicator test maximum message size from 1 GB to 4 GB to permit testing int64-sized messages
KINFRA-332 Increased required libs version to ensure ZMQ fix is included
KINFRA-332 Fixed ZMQ bug that causes failures sending and receiving messages >= 2 GB
KINFRA-332 Added script to test large messages with ZMQ (not part of all_test)
KOLAP-211 Added cume_dist window function -added method for computing function via thrust -added tests to make sure it works
KOLAP-211 Fixed cume_dist bug in CUDA build -one particular inclusive_scan_by_key() call inexplicably returned the wrong results
KOLAP-377 Fixed Only allow valid collection names for PARENT_SET
KOLAP-497 Added be able to insert records(no nulls) into non-nullable target tables in append/records
KOLAP-497 Enhanced rewrite expression formulation
KOLAP-497 Enhanced set log message appropriately.
KOLAP-505 Added additional tracer commands to better characterize incremental group-by's - also record nsec_on_queue for all worker tasks
KOLAP-505 Disabled buggy materialized view incremental refresh on group-by result table with regular GaiaSet input
KOLAP-505 Enabled incremental update for GaiaSetChunker - Plumb start_offset through GaiaSetKernelDataHelper - Add start_offset parameter to GaiaStencil::kernel_prolog
KOLAP-505 Fixed uninitialized GaiaSetBase::m_last_refresh_time
KOLAP-505 Updated GPUManager GaiaSet schedule funciton pass in number of points and number of stenciled points pass the offset of the input authorization mask. - Modify TomAlterTable.cpp and KernelDataHelper to pass in these values - Eliminate some unused GPUManager::schedule variants to reduce number of functions to update - Currently arguments are passed but not used
KOLAP-505 Updated GPUManager::schedule function now uses offset, num_points and num_auth_points inputs to create mem blocks
KOLAP-505 Added offset parameter added to GaiaSetDataContainer::copy_value_if virtual function and all subclass implementations - In GPUManager offset parameter passed to copy_value_if function - called for filtered tables - enabled incremental group-by on GaiaSet inputs
KOLAP-505 Updated making refreshes based on last_update_time > last_refresh_time indicating we need to do a full refresh - required setting these variables in a number of places
KOLAP-505 Reverted changes to TomAlterTable.cpp
KOLAP-563 Fixed Window Function Error with ORDER BY Clause
KOLAP-587 Added better test with multihead ingest.  make TableDependency::get_is_dirty return true if multihead ingest enabled
KOLAP-587 Fixed to not error out when multihead ingest is enabled
KOLAP-587 Fixed if multihead ingest is enabled (gpudb.conf enable_worker_http_servers = true) then periodic and manual refreshes always refreshes the view independent of dirty state of the view
KOLAP-603 Added foreign key names to include hyphens
KOLAP-605 Added a new 'hash' function to our expression evaluator that uses MurmurHash3 under the hood
KOLAP-605 Added a 'sha256' function that takes in a charN string as input and outputs the SHA2-256 hash as a char64 with 64 hex digits. Runs on host only (like geo functions) to avoid each GPU thread using large-ish memory buffers.
KOLAP-605 Added support for hash and sha256 (and ST_GEOHASH, ST_GEOMFROMGEOHASH, ST_POINTFROMGEOHASH).
KOLAP-211 Added support for CUME_DIST.
KOLAP-605 Updated sha256 function avoids extra copy of the input charN (by reversing the string in-place)
KOLAP-607 Fixed incorrect sorting parameter used in some cases.
KOLAP-609 Added tests for containsimplification bug.
KOLAP-609 Fixed ContainsSimplification bug.
KOLAP-611 Fixed Sharded st_linestringfromorderedpoints clears wkt_vectors before sending back to rank 0
KOLAP-612 Added test demonstrating problem no longer exists
KOLAP-613 Fixed JoinedSetDesc::expand_set_has_nulls to correctly mark tables as set_nullable
KOLAP-614 Added a reproducible test case (full test mode only)
KOLAP-614 Added debug/trace statements for Sink
KOLAP-614 Added more debug statement and fix median selection
KOLAP-626 Updated Incremental group-by now accumulate aggregates correctly for duplicate aggregates
KUI-329 Improved transfer status screen.
KUI-339 Enabled automatic setting of ENABLE_DB_AUTH by synching with gpudb.conf file
KUI-340 Data browser slice not handling null values properly
KUI-341 Added new CB_RASTER params from * KGEO-139 and fix empty param boxes
KUI-341 Advanced Query tools missing LABEL_X_OFFSET and LABEL_Y_OFFSET params for wms endpoint
KUI-342 Fixed GAdmin dashboard status always shows rebalancing state
KUI-344 Fixed KiDDL not reporting system level errors properly
KUI-345 When creating table, old fields values persist
KUI-346 Configured Table menu in GAdmin has incorrect side menu
KUI-347 Added Refresh Table List to Advanced CSV Import
KUI-348 Fixed Missing permissions when creating a table with limited permissions user
KUI-349 Improved font weight consistency across different browsers



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