Kinetica Release Notes

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  • ARM64 build support
  • New functions: ST_LineSubstring, ST_LineMerge
  • 3x-4x performance improvements of ST_Intersects, ST_Distance, ST_DWithin for linestring-linestring calculations
  • Minor performance enhancements for many ST_ functions
  • Int and timestamp can be casted/unioned together
  • Various bugfixes



KDEVOPS-46 Added check for default gpudb.conf in the event that a conf is provided in the persist folder.
KDEVOPS-64 Restored version numbering scheme to get_version to ensure that the gpudb-test tarballs get created with a full, four number version.
KDEVOPS-64 Updated to match between repos.
KDEVOPS-67 Fixed Missing a file to add to the list of detecting CXX11-ABI.
KDEVOPS-67 Updated gpudb-core to build on ARM64.
KDEVOPS-67 Updating our ODBC Makefiles to support ARM64.  This adds support for detecting whether the Simba libraries have been compiled with CXX11_ABI support on or off, and adjusting our own build appropriately.
KGEO-256 Updated backport from master Python 2.7.15, Geos 3.6.2, fontconfig 2.12.6, freetype 2.9, bootstraps and parallel
KGEO-256 Upgrade GeometryUtils for newer geos 3.6.2, backport from master some CMake updates
KGEO-284 Implemented fast-path ST_Dwithin between LineString and LineString.
KGEO-285 Simplified 'checkBoundingBoxIntersects()' function. It improved the speed of ST_Intersercts, ST_Distance, ST_Dwithin between two Lienstrings.
KGEO-281 Removed unnecessary variables and extra calculations. All ST functions got speed improvements.
KGEO-292 Added support for ST_AZIMUTH (returns Double).
KGEO-297 Implemented ST_LineSubstring.
KGEO-298 Added null geometry check. Return null if input geometry was null.
KGEO-298 Implemented ST_LineMerge using GEOSLibrary.
KGEO-303 Fixed large vertex buffer over 500M vertices crashes nvidia OpenGL impl on SLES. This change prevents creating such a large buffer in ShapeProcessor.
KINFRA-294 Added scripts/gpudb_file_parser and friends to make-gaia-dist
KINFRA-294 Added test for persist scripts
KINFRA-294 Fixed foreign keys in migrate script
KOLAP-406 Allow cast of int to timestamp
KOLAP-488 Enhanced saveToFile of SetManagerFileSync after inializeing persisted materialized views at startup
KOLAP-505 Fixed setting and getting last refresh chunk_index and size functions to work correcty when chunks are deleted between the set and get - Fix deadlock when erasing temporary GaiaSet used for incremental update - occurs due to different order of taking chunk_vector_lock and  ConcurrentSGMapp lock during incrmental update erase and Gadmin calling show_tables when getting set sizes
KOLAP-601 Fixed ParserUtils::add_offset_to_set_index_variable_rpn to handle is_null variables correctly (note 'is_null(<name>)' is treated like a simple rpn Variable type and not as a is_null function applied to a variable
KOLAP-604 Added more tests for INT attributes.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for charN to support expressions in new_values_maps.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for INT column in update/records to support expressions in new_values_maps.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for updating INT column with expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' option in update/records.
KOLAP-604 Added checking 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' first in rank0.
KOLAP-604 Added copy derived value to source column when using expressions in new_values_maps.
KOLAP-604 First push of tests for update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 First push, UpdateRecords to support expressions in new_values_maps.
KOLAP-604 Made sure datatype are compatiable when updating attribues with exprssions.
KOLAP-604 Added periodic push, seprate expressions from constant values in new_values_maps.
KOLAP-604 Added when updating non-nullable column, make sure new_values do not contain NULLs.
KOLAP-638 Simplified the get_expression() method for window functions
KOLAP-638 Enhanced window functions support expressions with commas in quotes and parens -also support "NOT xxx", where we need to retain the space between the tokens
KOLAP-642 Updated Type::get_column_name_in_base_set once again modifies m_name_to_base_set_name_map - protected by mutex
KOLAP-664 Begin implementation of avoid deep recursion in constant simplification- disabled for now
KOLAP-666 Fixed GaiaStencil::populate_from_indices to set the stencil count correctly when there are duplicate input indices
KOLAP-666 Fixed to not save image which was causing later tests to fail
KUI-171 Fixed KIO configure import columns for Kinetica
KUI-171 Removed the “Configure Columns” button since the KIO service -dry-run option is not yet available.
KUI-331 Implemented screen to enable graphical configuration of create join table request
KUI-331 Set join table ttl to -1 to ensure Reveal dashboards/slices never break from timeout
KUI-361 Fixed KIO import/export not working with external users.



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