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KDEVOPS-60 Updated to support Ubuntu 18.
KDEVOPS-61 Moved the docker volume mount to /opt/gpudb/persist to help resolve the performance on Mac docker.
KGEO-273 Implemented/Tested ST_Azimuth function.
KGEO-281 Implemented fast-path ST_Distance between LineString and LineString.
KGEO-286 Implemented in-house version line-line intersects function.
KGEO-287 Added default precision function for ST_Geohash.
KGEO-289 Updated WMS GetCapabilities to returns EPSG:3857 and EPSG:102100 in addition to EPSG:900913 and EPSG:4326
KINFRA-294 Updated
KINFRA-294 Updated
KOLAP-1283 Fixed first_value and last_value issue when current record out of window frame -incorrectly nulled out records at the beginning or end of a partition when the current record is not in the window frame -the correct answer should be the first record in the window frame which is in the partition
KOLAP-211 Updated Better handling of Window Aggregate Function return types (including CUME_DIST).
KOLAP-386 Fixed JoinedSetDesc::check_dim_set_indices to only check that non-replicated tables are equated by shard keys
KOLAP-442 Added an example/test of using the iter table to extract line segments from line strings
KOLAP-505 Fixed aggregates such as mean (not count, sum, min or max) did not cause full refresh and also problem where deleting all records from input table did not cause refresh to change result tabled
KOLAP-505 Fixed do chunk-vector write lock on groupby result set during entire incremental refresh
KOLAP-631 Removed unused variable from Parser.cpp:validate_iterators_in_rpn
KOLAP-631 Updated when creating joined Type record set indices that are part previously joined set and use these to determine if iterator was previously bound
KOLAP-631 Verified all iterators are bound - not just the ones used in create_join_table expressions list
KOLAP-633 Added label test with in test_create_view with
KOLAP-633 Updated full refresh - where the GaiaSet is replaced with a new version - set the last refresh info on the new version rather than the old
KOLAP-634 Fixed GaiaStencil::indexed_logical_and returns immediately if indices is 0 size but throws an error if stencil is not 0 count.
KOLAP-636 Fixed handling of peer rows for ROWS window frame -change default window frame from ROWS to RANGE -allow specification of RANGE for default window frame only -change behavior of peer rows for ROWS type window frames--values aren't the same across the peer rows
KOLAP-639 Fixed unnecessary resharding on create projection when shard key matches -added boolean to indicate that we retain the sharding of the original table -also did additional checks to all window function tests to check the sharding of the source table and the projection to make sure the projection is sharded as we would expect
KOLAP-642 Fixed Type::get_column_name_in_base_set no longer modifies m_name_to_base_set_name_map - values set during initialization of type instead
KOLAP-644 Added /filter/bylist works on join tables. Internally we rewrite /filter/bylist into /filter with an expression of the format 'x in (1,2,3)'
KOLAP-644 Added a test to verify /filter/bytable works on join tables (using the fix for /filter/bylist)
KOLAP-645 Fixed case-sensitivity of 'not in' handling in the parser
KOLAP-648 Fixed bug in replace_char simplification.
KPP-1282 Adjusted perf condition to pass on test machines
KPP-1284 Added verify_db check if table deleted before run verify
KUI-331 Implemented screen to enable graphical configuration of create join table request
KUI-332 Implemented screen for SQL execution of join table (Backend support)
KUI-332 Improvee error handling and other return values of kisql endpoint
KUI-352 Allow user to remove text search functionality when applicable
KUI-354 Improved KIO Transfer Status Screen
KUI-355 Heatmap: Make sorting of axis labels more consistent.
KUI-356 Supported creating new tables with WKB columns (bytes/wkt) in GAdmin
KUI-356 Supported WKB columns in GAdmin
KUI-357 Reveal SDK: Errors when running slice-watch as root.
KUI-358 Added API endpoint call to SDK template/example



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