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  • Alter table can convert raw string columns to charN (when possible)
  • TRUNCATE TABLE frees memory/disk instead of tombstoning records
  • Better support for WKB columns (bytes+wkt)
  • Improved performance of stxy_distance function in certain cases
  • Easier input of null values in GAdmin
  • Various bugfixes



CORE-68 Parallelize as possible
CORE-68 Removed the regex failure check from for the -i command
KAPI-402 Fixed truncating last character from docstrings for endpoints.js
KAPI-402 Updated the endpoints.js generator
KDEVOPS-67 Updated cxx11 abi check to redirect grep to /dev/null
KGEO-288 Fixed unexpected lines shows up with LOD rendering and a WMS request with a stretched height; the issue has been fixed by correcting a rounding error in calculating projected resolution of spatial partition and polygon bounding boxes.
KGEO-304 Fixed a crash in LOD polygon sampling with an invalid polygon.
KINFRA-294 Fixed migrate script for rebuild_table
KINFRA-294 Updated replicated tables only when tables doesnt already exists in gpudb
KINFRA-404 Fixed bug in loading table_types.json of older version at startup
KINFRA-406 Added Log an error/alert if the pk index does not match up with the vectors at startup (due to mangled/missing stencil file)
KINFRA-87 Updatee correct script path in test for test env
KOLAP-336 Updated Treat NULLs as least/low values while ordering
KOLAP-604 Added tests for double column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for long datatype in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-668 Fixed reading Byte data longer than 1024 bytes.  Also added better support for WKB.
KOLAP-668 Fixed to not send wkb through tabulate
KOLAP-668 Fixed /get/records/bycolumn returns WKBs (bytes+wkt) as bytes, not strings
KOLAP-672 Updated ParserSimplifier now converts 'stxy_distance(x,y,g) < c' to 'stxy_dwithin(x,y,g,c)' which uses the r-tree for much faster operation
KOLAP-677 Added debug log and checks to GaiaStencil::chunk_indexed_logical_and
KOLAP-677 Fixed CalculateJoinFilter.cpp:calculate_primary_key_join_filter1. fix id_to_index map translation of chunk_index vector when index is the NULL_INDEX
KOLAP-679 Derived geometries attributes to visualize image are now accepted at rank0.  EGL rendering of derived geometries now works
KOLAP-681 Added Support 'convert_wkts_to_wkbs' option in /get/records/bycolumn
KOLAP-682 Updated TRUNCATE TABLE sets the 'delete_all_records' option in the /delete/records call
KSF-192 Added missing locks to SetManager, all SetManager::do_*() functions are NOT LOCKED and checked
KSF-192 Added SetManager locking, fix harmless, but unnecessary double lock calling is_view_under_construction() instead of do_*
KUI-171 Added “Configure Columns” button.
KUI-333 Updated dashboard, slice explore, and table explore screens to indicate join table and sources
KUI-367 Fixed unable to add null dates in GAdmin
KUI-368 Added support option 'validate_change_column': 'true' for alter/table change column: string -> charN
KUI-369 Fixed CSS bug
KUI-369 Updated Advanced Query tool to use new endpoint.js format to use dropdowns for known option values
KUI-373 Updated isAdmin check incorrect for non-admin users with system admin rights when gpudb is down
KUI-374 Added option to allow non-"admin" internal users to login even when gpudb is down



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