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  • Multiple column support in scatterplot
  • Log-scale axes support in scatterplot
  • /filter/bylist and /filter/bytable work on join tables
  • remove_nullable and zeroifnull functions remove nullablility from columns
    • NVL will remove nullability when possible
  • Exclude filtering option for log view in GAdmin
  • Timeframe slice in Reveal


KGEO-145 Implemented multi-column support in scatter plotting of non-numeric values.
KGEO-207 Added log scaling support to the charting endpoint.
KGEO-297 Optimized it to call Upper/Lower_bounds only when it is needed.
KGEO-297 Updated LineString code using lower/upper_bounds. Code is not more simple and straight forward.
KGEO-298 Added additional comments to function.
KGEO-314 Fixed rounding error in heatmap that was resulting in kernels > 32
KINFRA-407 Fixed Read lock should be write lock in GaiaSet::set_compression
KINFRA-416 Bumped max message size allowed to return from the workers to rank0 from 10GB to 20GB. Handle too-large messages much better by returning the error to the user
KINFRA-416 Removed inadvertent INFO log for checking message size
KOLAP-488 Removed SetManagerFileSync:saveToFile:from RefreshViewProc::initialize_materialized_views and add it to SetManager::set_table_avro_info
KOLAP-604 Added calling 'update_values_for_attribute' to update derived values.
KOLAP-604 Added catch non-nullable and nullable mismatch problems and throw in rank0 instead of worker ranks.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for date column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for datetime column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for IPV4 column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for time column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 Added tests for timestamp column in update/records to support expressions.
KOLAP-604 To be consistent, no quotes are required when updating date/time/datetime with constant string.
KOLAP-629 Updated 'like' function error message informative.
KOLAP-677 Added test to
KOLAP-687 Modified table names to run in parallel
KOLAP-691 Updated /filter/by/list works on join tables whether or not it is creating a view. It is converted internally into /filter with an 'in' clause
KOLAP-693 Updated nvl function now strips nulls if second arguement is nullable.  remove_nullabel and its alias zeroifnull also removevs nullability zeroing the value if the record value was null.  For geometries sets to the empty geometry.
KOLAP-694 Added /show/table returns materialized view related properties for child tables when called on a parent
KOLAP-700 Added better error message when k-means is called on a nullable column (nullable columns aren't currently supported)
KOLAP-701 Moved ConcurrentSGMap and JoinedSetManager to be last members in TypeObjectManager class.
KUI-293 Automated process of adding Filter slice to new dashboards.
KUI-343 Added colorpicker, add backwards compatibility, fix parameter loading, Change enter functionality
KUI-343 Added Dynamic weighting of shape size during class break
KUI-343 Added WKT shape support and minor fixes.
KUI-343 Fixed config overflow issues when map slice is very short
KUI-343 Fixed eslint errors
KUI-343 Fixed geo filter on class-break does not update wms with correct layer until 2nd update
KUI-343 Fixed Slice id not persisting on initial save
KUI-343 Improved classbreak compatibility and fix minor bugs
KUI-343 Minor fixes to classbreak backwards compatibility and css
KUI-343 Undo comment out of filter checking
KUI-366 Updated Reveal SDK example/template with global filtering workflow
KUI-370 Added materialized view for join table tool to ensure it is persisted
KUI-370 Fixed Delete materialize view if error
KUI-371 Added attribution for Superset project
KUI-375 Persisted materialized view lacks PERSISTED indicator in GAdmin table list view
KUI-376 Added GAdmin 'table stats' page shows charN compressed (not dict) columns as 'currently dict encoded'
KUI-377 Allow global filter reset to reset timeline selection even when configured to ignore changes
KUI-378 Removed MAX_SAFE_INTEGER restriction from add/edit records
KUI-379 Added an 'exclude filter' tool on the GAdmin logging page
KUI-380 Developd custom Time Frame navigator slice for time shifting and playback
KUI-381 Added option to import/export to and from another Kinetica instance from the KIO import screen.
KUI-383 Checked view/table count before attempting to compute axes for Scatter Plot slice
KUI-383 Updated visualize_image_chart api call to pass column names as array of string(s) to match new REST endpoint



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