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  • /aggregate/kmeans works on nullable columns (filters out nulls)
  • Contour plotting auto-parameter selection based on data density
  • KIO supports Parquet files in S3
  • ST_VoronoiPolygons function
  • Various bugfixes


KGEO-131 Updated names for 'arc', 'line', and 'WithClosestPoint'. Also corrected an error with VincentyDistance.
KGEO-229 Implemented ST_VoronoiPolygons. Currently 'extend_to' paramter is disabled due to Null pointer default value issue.
KGEO-289 Added a test to verify that the proper projections are returned by WMS GetCapabilities
KGEO-293 Added Auto-adjust options - Compute the contour levels based on the content in the viewport - Vary the grid size and search radius when there is not enough content in the viewport
KGEO-293 Updated the condition used to disable contour auto-adjust mainly when dealing with pre-gridded data + more efficient fill estimates
KINFRA-425 Added flush to IndexedDB and call on flush_to_disk
KINFRA-430 Fixed subchunk stencil for alter table and add test
KINFRA-430 Reverted changes in sub chunking in alter table
KOALP-407 Fixed bug when reloading union/nullable type on rank restart by skipping join types.
KOLAP-406 Fixed for int to timestamp conversion
KOLAP-407 Fixed the bug when reloading union/nullable type on rank restart.
KOLAP-604 Fixed the nullable pointer bug, updating date/time/datetime needs quotes using constant string, call_gaia_internal to check nullable and non-nullable mismatch problems in rank0.
KOLAP-673 Added Supporting for Parameterized SQL Queries
KOLAP-673 First attempt at supporting Parameterized SQL Queries (in 6.2)
KOLAP-676 Fixed for UPDATE for datetime fields.
KOLAP-681 Added ODBC Support for ST_WKTTOWKB.
KOLAP-681 Added ST_WKTTOWKB 'pseudo'-function. This function only works in /get/records/bycolumn and will return the indicated column as a bytes/wkb column instead of string/wkt column.
KOLAP-706 Fixed /aggregate/kmeans supports nullable columns (null values are filtered out)
KOLAP-712 Added disk_optimized to new type in alter table
KTOOL-228 Update comparison logic to support comparing odo.chunks(Parquet) and Kinetica table.
KTOOL-228 Update backend miscellaneous changes to support odo.chunks(Parquet).
KTOOL-228 Update with append method for chunks(Parquet) and chunks(df).
KTOOL-228 Update with convert method for chunks(Parquet) and chunks(df).
KTOOL-242 Add chunks_s3_parquet_to_kinetica.metadata.json.
KTOOL-242 Add convert registration between S3(Parquet) and chunks(df).
KTOOL-242 Add convert registration between chunks(S3(Parquet)) and chunks(df).
KUI-343 Updated prevent auto package version upgrade of cuid library
KUI-380 Added Handle scenario when user abuses the play button and clean up intervals
KUI-381 Added Import/export from an external Kinetica instance with external users.
KUI-384 Fixed Graph slice crashes browser when only 2 nodes & 1 edge
KUI-385 Fixed Reveal sometimes acquires and tries to login with invalid CSRF and correct credentials will fail
KUI-387 Hide import feature link from various GAdmin screens for users with no import rights
KUI-391 Fixed Ctrl-F (find) on the Setup Wizard page only search the visible section of the config file
KUI-392 Added In the GAdmin table stats page have a way to get stats for all columns instead of one-at-a-time; also give more prominent recommendations for dict
KUI-394 Added S3 parquet option for KIO GUI.



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