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  • Updating records via expressions works from SQL
  • KI_HINT_UPDATE_ON_EXISTING_PK to expose /insert/records option from SQL
  • Much better handling of geometry constants in expression
  • Materialized views with ‘now()’, ‘current_datetime()’, etc. functions are always re-evaluated (since those functions return different results each time they are run)
  • KIO:
    • Support for chunks(Parquet) and S3(Parquet)
    • Improved memory usage by reading in batches instead of all at once
    • Support for headerless CSV files
  • Various bugfixes


KDEVOPS-67 Updated gpudb-connector-odbc/build/ to support AARCH64.
KDEVOPS-77 Increased host manager start wait and added a few retries if host-manager cannot be detected.
KGEO-293 Adjusted the number of points tested to improve test run time
KGEO-319 Fixed a parsing error in non-numeric class break parameters including colons.
KGEO-340 Disabled simplification for 'stxy_distance(x,y,g,m) < c' -> 'stxy_dwithin(x,y,g,c)' when the mode is not 0 (i.e. only do it for Euclidean distance)
KINFRA-433 Fixed
KOLAP-602 Updated foreign key definitions are case-insensitive (for 'references' and 'as')
KOLAP-604 Added handle situations when dest_column_name is not GaiaBaseVector.
KOLAP-604 Added support string NULL.
KOLAP-604 Added support to update datetime datatype with char16/32.
KOLAP-604 Added Support UPDATE with Expressions in SQL.
KOLAP-604 Added tests to update time datatype with char8/char16.
KOLAP-604 Fixed a bug when updating decimal with expressions.
KOLAP-604 Fixed get derived expression values concurrently instead of column by column.
KOLAP-604 Updated tiny modifications on log message.
KOLAP-678 Updated GroupByProc.cpp - mark result set nondet if any of the expanded validated enhanced to test derived join columns used by a group-by, join expressions, and group-by result tables columns containing nondet functions JoinedSet::requires_full_refresh
KOLAP-678 Updated mark FilterPlanner nondet if any defining expression has a nondet function.  Provide FilterPlanner::get_is_nondet to retrieve this and use to determine full refresh for join is needed
KOLAP-681 Fixed st_wkttowkb to work on /get/records/bycolumn called with no table; also get aliases working for 'select constant_value as foo'-like expressions (i.e. no table).
KOLAP-702 Added much better handling of geometry constants in expressions - Now if a geometry constant is used in an expression and it is wrapped within any other geometry function we just do a shallow (i.e. pointer) copy instead of copying the entire GEOS object - Added a new TRPN-simplifier modeled after the existing RPN-simplifier. - Added TRPN_GeometryConstantShallowCopySimplification to identify cases where the geometry constant can just be shallow-copied.
KOLAP-715 Replaced 2-parameter COALESCE with NVL
KOLAP-715 Tweaked regular expression to avoid stack overflow.
KOLAP-716 Updated sort tables to clear within a materialized view by their dependencies - no longer defer deletion of view member if dependent dest exists (should not longer happen)
KOLAP-717 Fixed memory reporting for the primary key index (was using sizeof(PKImpl<N>) when it should have been using sizeof(PKImplEntry<N>)
KUI-331 Fixed join table GUI support for correct/supported refresh_methods (for create materialized views not join table)
KUI-392 Improved recommendation method for optimizing char column type sizing
KUI-394 Removed ability to export to S3 parquet as it not available yet.



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