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  • Dict encoding can be applied to int/long columns
    • Useful when you have a small number of unique values but the values aren’t necessarily small numbers (otherwise use int8/int16)
  • ST_dwithin/STXY_dwithin support spherical/spheroid calculations (and use meters)
  • KIO has recursive search for S3 parquet files (rather than single-level directory) (for the Grab POC)


KDEVOPS-80 Added sprintf() -> snprintf(), readlink() doesn't NULL terminate
KGEO-347 Added soultion_id to ST_DWithin & STXY_DWithin.
KGEO-355 Updated wkt with expressions.
KGEO-374 Implemented ST_Envelope on Sphere. Currently it only supports singular geometries.(Point, LineString. and Polygon)
KGEO-374 Now the envelopes wtih no area will be returned as a LineString.
KGEO-375 Implemented MultiGeometry ST_Envelope in meters.
KOLAP-508 Added /alter/table support for dict encoding for int/long columns
KOLAP-508 Added Dict encoding can be applied to int/long columns
KOLAP-604 Added tests on sharded table and also check attribute nullability when copying derived values.
KOLAP-614 Optimized the code of using literal string 'null' to set NULL when 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' is on.
KOLAP-725 Added raw string test when 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' is true.
KOLAP-725 Updated primary key using constant values when 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' is on.
KOLAP-725 Updated to temporarily disallow to update PK attributes when using 'use_expressions_in_new_values_maps' option.
KOLAP-726 Added support various format specifier combinations in 'to_char' function.
KOLAP-726 Added throw when specifier is empty string in 'to_char' function.
KOLAP-726 Fixed the cuda build error because of the static object declartion.
KOLAP-726 Updated time datatype supports various specifier combinations.
KOLAP-736 Fixed == where is a derived column that was given as the nvl of two equated shard keys now works
KOLAP-739 Added update_records_with_maps() function in Gaiaset to reduce code redundancy when updating records with maps.
KOLAP-740 Fixed SetManagerFileSync read/write double lock error in toJson() when updating geo fields at startup
KOLAP-744 Added a test case that ought to pass (now failing)
KOLAP-744 Fixed multihead /get/records when returning more than 1 record (i.e. using attribute indexes and not pk)
KOLAP-758 Fixed dangling table dependency after table rename
KTOOL-402 Added for recursive chunked Parquet within a directory.
KTOOL-402 Updated and userdata2.parquet with record 7 updated with id 7 instead of id null, as converting to dataframe fails with null in integer column.
KUI-406 Enhanced Pivot Table slice with higher quality rendering and drag-n-drop dimensions/metrics selection
KUI-406 Fixed linting of pivot table slice code
KUI-410 Added some left padding for values in class break column dropdown
KUI-410 Provide option to disable ORDER_CLASSES param for class break WMS rendering (improve performance)
KUI-412 Add dictionary encoding support for int and long types in GAdmin



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