Kinetica Release Notes

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  • /update/records with expressions support via SQL
  • /alter/table rename_column speedup (~30%)
  • ST_envdwithin, STXY_envdwithin support spherical/spheroid metrics
  • Bumped max avro string/bytes length to 100gb (was 10gb)
  • Reveal enhancements
    • Pivot Slice
    • Column Filter Slice
  • Power BI Connector published to github
  • Various bugfixes
    • /alter/table change_column string->charN conversion
    • KIO CSV fix


KDEVOPS-103 Updated cmake build to avoid building with icc
KDEVOPS-67 Fix GaiaCudaUtils.cpp for ARM not having nvml.h
KGEO-349 Implemented ST_EnvDWithin & STXY_EnvDWithin.
KINFRA-485 Updated gpudb starts without column_data folders in persist
KINFRA-487 Fixed /alter/table handling of 'validate_change_column' when the option is not provided
KINFRA-487 Added handle new error message when converting from string to char with truncation required
KINFRA-490 Added use faster table copy for alter table rename_column
KOLAP-604 Re-add Updated with Expressions support in SQL.
KOLAP-745 Added char32_decimal_cast function, so can call length function on decimal.
KOLAP-763 Added a new (non-documented) 'repeated_records' stat to /aggregate/statistics to return the number of repeated records. This will let us get insight into the potential memory savings of RLE (run-length-encoding).
KOLAP-763 Fixed incorrect functor argument typedef that cause the cuda91 build to fail.
KTOOL-323 Renaming regression_new_v2 to regression/ everywhere in source code.
KTOOL-414 Updated basic_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json add 1 test case.
KTOOL-414 Updated basic_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json update 1 test case.
KTOOL-414 Updated kio/src/backends/kinetica/ CLI documentation.
KTOOL-414 Updated kio/src/backends/kinetica/ reflecting change keyword argument --d-collection to --d-collection-name.
KTOOL-415 Updated basic_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json update 1 test case.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/backends/csv/ close file handle not csv reader.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/backends/csv/ logic to ingest one record at a time.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/backends/csv/ quoting double_quote escape_character registration in internal method.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/backends/csv/ refactor direct path internal methods out for usage by test harness.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/core/ with ESCAPE_CHARACTER argument.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/src/core/ with arguments used in CSV backend.
KTOOL-415 Updated kio/tests/regression/comparisons/ equality logic.
KUI-411 Fixed fetch size for autocomplete
KUI-411 Implemented new Column Filter slice to allow users to easily build column filter expressions
KUI-413 Fixed when creating alias from duplicate columns names in the join table, the alias columns aren't the original ones
KUI-415 Removed max_query_dimensions param from create join to prevent error when trying to join a table with a already joined result table



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