Kinetica Release Notes

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  • KIO HTTPS support
  • R-tree acceleration for spherical st_within/st_dwithin
  • Updated stats dialog in GAdmin
  • Bugfixes


KDEVOPS-120 Corrected permissions on .erlang.cookie for debian packaging
KDEVOPS-120 Moved init.d script to /etc/init.d on debian distribution
KDEVOPS-120 Updated scripts to point to the correct ha-proc-conf.xml
KGEO-378 Enabled rTree for ST_EnvDWihtin with Join_table
KGEO-390 Slight speedup (~5%) in iterating over geometry coordinates by using [] instead of at()
KGEO-390 Speed up Cairo polygon/linestring rendering by using the underlying coordinate vector directly
KGEO-390 Speed up pointRingInterior (used by st_within / st_contains, etc) 2x by using the underlying coordinate vector directly instead of calling getCoordinateN for each point
KGEO-399 Fixed envelope intersects kernel on null geometry.
KINFRA-226 Fixed Log error in hostmanager if license if invalid and we won't start
KOALP-774 Fixed update store_only attribute bug, and allow update raw string datatype with constants.
KOLAP_780 Added tests to and
KOLAP-604 Enhanced populate new_values_maps more efficiently.
KOLAP-726 Added code optimization.
KOLAP-726 Added support text in to_char function.
KOLAP-726 remove unnecessary single quote check.
KOLAP-747 Enhanced node_size function need to consider char_func return size.
KOLAP-767 Fixed arg_min/arg_max when run with multiple ranks and 1 tom per rank.
KOLAP-768 Fixed inadvertent UERR logs in /update/records w/ expressions processing
KOLAP-769 Get rid of erroneous UERR messages in /get/records/bycolumn when called on store_only columns.
KOLAP-773 Updated accept both single quotes and double quotes as contant value indicator when updating with string constant values.
KTOOL-285 Add ability for Kinetica to Kinetica transfers to use HTTPS.
KTOOL-285 Update kio/tests/infrastructure with working Dockerfile and script to set up Kinetica RPM with HTTPS and HTTPD with valid SSL verification for GPUdb Python.
KTOOL-321 Fixed bugs in



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