GADM-0001: Ingesting NULL Values via Advanced CSV Import


While ingesting data via the Advanced CSV Import tool in Kinetica, values may be nullified from the .csv file. Upon selecting the .csv file to use, a few options will be presented to the user. One of these is the "Null String" option for string values only. The default flag is '\N' but this may be altered to suit your personal conventions and works in the same fashion:





In the .csv file itself, we should use this Null String to nullify any values of string type. However, for numerical data types such as, double, float, int etc.. we will need to leave those values blank in the .csv file. They will be imported into Kinetica as <null> as intended.

Note: If we attempt to use the NULL String value to nullify a numerical data type such as double, the following error will be encountered:

Failed (0%): Error parsing line 2. => Error in line 2. Invalid class java.lang.Double for field myTestValue (null). => null


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