Retaining User, Group, Role Data While Clearing the Persist Data Directory


There may be times that the persist data will need to be cleared in order to resolve bad data states in Kinetica. Clearing the persist data will also remove all user data, to include groups and roles. However, to retain this data is a fairly simple process and can save much time for Admins.



  1. Stop ALL Kinetica services using the following:
    /opt/gpudb/core/bin/gpudb stop all
  2. Navigate to the persist directory for rank-0. Depending on your config this may be in a different location. The following is the default location:
  3. Locate the 'security_info.json' file and copy this file to a safe location.
  4. Delete the persist data using the following command:
    rm -rf /opt/gpudb/persist/*
  5. Once the deletion process is complete, start services again to create a new persist structure but DO NOT LOGIN yet! Start the services with the following command:
    /opt/gpudb/core/bin/gpudb start all
  6. Now that the persist structure has been created, stop the services again using the command from Step 1.
  7. Overwrite the newly created '/opt/gpudb/persist/gpudb/rank-0/security_info.json' with the backed up file that we saved in Step 3.
  8. Start all services again. You should now be able to log in with the existing user data, with all groups ad roles retained.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Official Documentation and Support Page.

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