GADM-0002: Incorrect License Expiration Date Displayed in Gadmin


A known issue has been identified for the display date of the license expiration date in Gadmin. This date is being parsed incorrectly and will show the license as being valid for a year and month past it's actual expiration date. This will cause services to not start if the license is in fact expired, although Gadmin will show it as still valid.



The following error will be received via Gadmin upon the services start-up process:

Error: Error: 'Job process error, what: 'License error: Expired (E/Ec:74); code:1 'Error'''



If the above error is received then the license is in fact invalid due to expiration. A new key will be needed to resolve this.

To identify the actual expiration date of the applied license if ever in question, a call to port 9300 will deliver metadata against the system to include the expiration date of the license. The simplest way to retrieve this data, will be to configure the URL in the browser as follows:

This will return the correct expiration date of the applied license in the format of JSON data:

"license_expiration": "YYYY-MM-DD"


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