GPUDB-0002: UNPIVOT Function Throws Error on Columns Containing More Than One Period


To utilize the UNPIVOT function against columns that have been configured with names that contain more than one period will throw an error stating as such, and the process will not complete as intended.



The following error will be encountered in this scenario:

2019-01-06 15:25:55.392 UERR  (15531,17141,r0/gpudb_cluster_c) TypeManageme
nt/Type.cpp:524 - 'The column_names parameter member: has more than one period in the name (TM


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a table that contains a column name with more than one period such as, ""
  2. Access the API Tool and utilize the /aggregate/unpivot function against the newly created column


The process executes and completes without error/issue


The above error is received and the process fails



As columns with periods in their name are supported in the application, this issue has been resolved with a code-line change. It has been resolved in the release of Kinetica.


Additional Information:

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  • Fixed Version:
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