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  • Much faster ST_Partition function (KGEO-496)
  • ‘Init_with_now’ property to replace an empty string with the current server time for date/time/datetime types (KOLAP-1005)
  • Improvements to the Reveal Timeline slice (KUI-575)



Automated removal of AuthzLDAPAuthoritative from httpd's data.conf in the 'pre-install' section of the packaging to deal with upgrades from 6.2 to 7.0.

KDEVOPS-275 Added another possibility to the httpd.conf 2.2 -> 2.4 update in the preinstall scriptlets.
KDEVOPS-275 Deal with Windows newline characters in httpd.conf properly on updating from 2.2 to 2.4 configuration styles.
KDEVOPS-275 Updated AuthzLDAPAuthoritative check to point at the correct file in the preinstall scriptlets.
KDEVOPS-275 Updated pre-install scripts to force an update to httpd.conf to replace Order... and Allow... so that they are replaced by the httpd 2.4 equivalent.
KDEVOPS-275 Updated the httpd.conf preinstall scriptlets to be more broad.
KGEO-496 Optimized ST_Partition
KGEO-503 Fixed error for parallel testing
KOLAP-1005 Changed support for init_with_now to need empty strings or invalid timestamps.
KOLAP-1005 Only update init_with_now when data passed with empty strings or invalid timestamps
KOLAP-1005 Updated test for new init_with_now behavior
KOLAP-1040 Fixed problem originally reported in TypedObjectManager - fixed additional problem for doing unique of derived constants in Chunker.cpp
KOLAP-1062 Updated create_group_by_key expand column_names and value_column_names to reflect derived joined set columns
KOLAP-1064 Fixed Parser.cpp:add_to_join_map to add x to map if only is_null(x) was requested
KOLAP-726 Fixed to_char function does not output the embedded quotes themselves.
KUI-492 Fixed Pre-populate Top-Level Defaults in API Tool
KUI-575 Fixed Reveal Timeline slice does not handle auto-interval mode well when timestamp range is less than an hour

API Query Tool stores type_definition of create type endpoint has object and not a string



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