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  • ST_Partition support multipolygons (KGEO-508)
  • ‘truncate_strings’ options in /append/records (KOLAP-1067)
  • Ability to refresh non-materialized views (KOLAP-1072)
  • New join implementation for multi-level joins equated by derived columns (KOLAP-1089)
  • Reveal scatterplot slice supports panning/zooming (KUI-610)
  • KIO defaults to the Spark execution engine (KUI-614)
  • KIO support for interaction with Teradata, Sybase IQ and SQL Server (KUI-579,606)


KDEVOPS-298 Updated and to work from outside the /opt/gpudb/connectors/reveal folder.
KGEO-508 Updated function name from 'isNonLinear()' to 'hasLineString()'
KGEO-508 Updated ST_Dissolve to skip Linear geometries to avoid slowdown. (Linestring, Linearring, and MultiLinestring)
KGEO-510 Implemented ST_Partition for MultiPolygon type. Also minor fixes from PolygonPartioner
KGEO-515 Converted internal timestamp representations to ms_since_epoch for scatter plotting.
KGEO-528 Fix user authentication for WMS feature/classbreak rendering (was checking user permissions on the empty 'world_table')
KGEO-62 Added baseline images check to contour
KINFRA-856 Added call for geometry vector in finalize_result_table_chunks, update test to fail before change: test_geometry_linestringfromorderedpoints_result_table_100k_groups
KINFRA-893 Fix potential buffer overrun in IndexedDB with large records (backport from 7.0)
KINFRA-933 Correctly sync table permission revokes to worker ranks and global manager
KINFRA-980 Add saveToFile in SetManager after rename_table and remove ERROR from GaiaSetMap syncMemToFile - when map is empty
KINFRA-980 Protect flush indexeddb files when called from sync_chunks
KOLAP-1066 GPUManager now removes any memblocks needed solely to compute derived values from its output map
KOLAP-1067 Add 'truncate_strings' options in append/records. When it is set, we allow to append unbounded string to charN.
KOLAP-1067 Added support for KI_HINT_TRUNCATE_STRINGS to send truncate_strings in /append/records.
KOLAP-1067 Sort the get/records/bycolumn results before comparison.
KOLAP-1005 Defining and adding helper functions for init_with_now
KOLAP-1069 When determining if result tables is sharded guarantee that the ordering of the result table columns matches the ordering of the underlying input table shard keys.
KOLAP-1072 Allow alter_table refresh on single-table non-materialized views.
KOLAP-1072 Create a new test file,
KOLAP-1072 Update to consider when multi-head is turned on.
KOLAP-1072 Update tests to consider if multi-head is turned on.
KOLAP-1074 Allow alter_table set_refresh_method to periodic on single table non-materialized views.
KOLAP-1074 Skip some tests which need time sleeping functions when it is not full test.
KOLAP-1075 Allow alter_table set_refresh_method:on_change to work for single table non-materialized views.
KOLAP-1080 ITER.i can now be used in a join even if unbounded - autogenerates ITER.i < 1 bound
KOLAP-1089 Added first working version of predicate_equijoin. Stubbed out until can test with JoinedSet subchunking. Fixed FilterPlanner number_set_indices_lt to be prototyped correctly for std::sort 
KOLAP-1089 Added more tests to mimic RSEG problem - include group-by off of nvl shard key
KOLAP-1089 Added mutex protect JoinedSetChunk stencil index cache variables
KOLAP-1089 Added test filter plan that looks like RSEG plan and verify uses predicate_eq filter - allow specifying 'inner predicate' or 'inner predicate_equi_join' in filter plan - make PREDICATE_EQUI_JOIN a new FitlerPlan type rather than using the is_predicate_equjoin flag in the FilterPlan struct.
KOLAP-1089 Added tests for subchunked predicate_equijoins. Made create_join_table option chunk_size work
KOLAP-1089 Break out get_expression_indices_and_value function from predicate_equi_join_func_single kernel
KOLAP-1089 Call get_expression_indices_and_value_function directly for inner and outer chunking loops to avoid double loading vectors to gpu
KOLAP-1089  Fix lambda parameters passed to sort to be const refs
KOLAP-1089 predicate_equi_join implemented, compiles and runs but produces incorrect results- stubbed out
KOLAP-1105 set_refresh_method should kill RefreshViewProc thread.
KOLAP-1130 Fix window function parsing error when checking shard keys - when looking for shard keys in a join table we now attempt to parse the column name; this causes a problem when the column name contains a window function - instead use the 'base_column_name' which is the 'source_column_name' with the window function stripped out - ensures we won't error out attempting to parse the column 
KOLAP-1152 Port fix from 7.0. convert geo vectors to wkt vector in the case of sharded groupby
KOLAP-1152 Reverting the fix as it fails geometry_functions test
KOLAP-1153 Add test showing /get/records/fromcollection works fine (in 6.2) when called on a collection containing a single join table
KOLAP-1155 Fix misplaced chunk_vector lock during filtering of GaiaSets
KOLAP-504 GroupBy on replicated input table should avoid sinking results at rank0.
KUI-577 Scatterplot: Pan/Zoom and geometric filtering
KUI-578 Support custom basemap in Reveal Map slice
KUI-579 Add datasource support for Teradata to KIO
KUI-594 Allow custom default column sorting config for Table slice
KUI-606 Add GAdmin KIO support for Sybase IQ and SQL Server
KUI-610 Update Reveal nyctaxi demo dashboard export with new Scatter Plot slice params
KUI-611 Lower maxlength restrictions on CSV importer custom parsing params
KUI-614 Switch default KIO engine to Spark while ODO is optional
KUI-619 User should be able to configure Realtime slice not to refresh when dashboard is auto-refreshing
KUI-622 Support dynamic wkt infer option for KIO drag and drop
KUI-627 Add option to disable basemap layer in Map slice for client-specific performance requirements



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