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  • /filter/byarea supports all numeric types (KOLAP-1172)
  • Updates and enhancements to the Reveal scatterplot slice (KUI-617)


KGEO-537 The threshold limit is now 10, and added tests to confirm it
KOLAP-1071 Fixed Joining to join tables with derived columns and column names using the * or <table>.* gets created correctly
KOLAP-1089 Fixed propagating filter and between-filter key info for regular gaia sets.   Propagate filter keys for join sets during between operation
KOLAP-1089 Update to make filter-expression-keys set_indexed expressions
KOLAP-1108 Begin creating ChunkCover to inform filter what chunks it does not have to create during an aggregate-group-by filter
KOLAP-1152 Port fix from 7.0. sharded geometry aggregates were not converting into wkt vectors hence sinking did not happen expected.  Fixed linestringfromorderedpoints() aggregate can be queried along with other geometry aggregates
KOLAP-1154 Fixed can't set refresh method to 'on_change' when multihead is on
KOLAP-1156 Fixed when refreshing join table modify request to create the join table with a temp name and then do a joined_set_manager.replace to atomically replace the original join set with the new join set.  Added concurrent tests to verify ability to query the join table while it is being refreshed. Uses new join_table sleep option
KOLAP-1165 Avoid deadlock during alter_table set_refresh_method by moving RefreshViewProc destructor call outside SetManager write lock
KOLAP-1172 Added /filter/byarea supports int/int8/int16/long/float/double/decimal/timestamp columns and the x and y columns can be of different type. This is useful for drawing a polygon filter on a scatterplot in Reveal
KOLAP-1173 Fixed predicate-equi-join algorithm for equality expression with one side a constant expression
KOLAP-1176 Fixed rpns need to be normalized in chunkerFactory
KOLAP-1178 Fixed sinking for linestring aggregates
KOLAP-1179 Fixed groupby on negative-valued nullable dict-encoded int/long columns
KOLAP-1183 Fixed problem where derived columns in the create_join_table column_names list appear in gadmin after the non-derived even if they were earlier in the column_names list.  Column_names now appear in the order they were given
KOLAP-1188 Fixed for case-insensitive column name matching
KOLAP-141 Added dateadd and datediff support two parameters version
KOLAP-141 Added dateadd function supports TIME datatype
KOLAP-141 Added dateadd function
KOLAP-141 Added datediff function
KUI-602 Fixed eslint error caused by comma-dangle on rest props
KUI-602 Updated scatter plot modal style
KUI-617 Added example timestamp formatting to axis format dropdown
KUI-617 Added new scatterplot features
KUI-630 Reveal Realtime slice breaks when multiple ones are in the same dashboard
KUI-631 Update basemaps for openlayers widget
KUI-632 Update demo data import modal messaging
KUI-633 Set a max zoom level for auto-fit map data feature
KUI-634 Handle log messages in KIO configure column output
KUI-635 Scatter plot axis formatting fails when column is string
KUI-639 Scatterplot: Add button to dynamically auto-fit to current table/view
KUI-640 Added option to enable/disable scatter plot legend
KUI-641 Cluster memory usage and total shows incorrect values
KUI-641 add slab to cache mem reporting to match what 'free' reports, cp from master
KUI-643 Bytes count incorrect for bytes columns show in table view
KUI-644 Switch login to basic auth from form



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