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KDEVOPS-192 timout++ for httpd virtualhost
KDEVOPS-234 Fixed numpy build for Ubuntu 18
KDEVOPS-234 Fixed to keep libssl-dev and libcurl4-openssl-dev in
KDEVOPS-234 Updated with groff, rsync, and others
KDEVOPS-234 Updated build/ to autofind core libs dir using 'gcc -dumpfullversion -dumpversion' for gcc7 which doesn't print full version anymore
KDEVOPS-234 Updated krb 1.14 to krb5-1.16.3 for ubuntu 18 to fix  ssl1.1 errors
KDEVOPS-234 Updated node-v6.17.0.tar.gz and use 'gcc -dumpfullversion -dumpversion' for gcc7 only printing major version
KDEVOPS-234 Updated reveal libs for Ubuntu 18 compatibility
KDEVOPS-344 Fix DataAccessComponents/Makefiles/ to call gcc -dumpfullverion -dumpversion for gcc7
KDEVOPS-360 Fix for broken apt - fix permissions on /opt/gpudb/kifs
KDEVOPS-384 Update Java 8 dependency to Headless in make-gaia-rpm and make-gaia-deb
KGEO-490 added a few new vector tile service parameters to gpudb.conf
KGEO-518 Graph MapMatching server endpoints schemas
KGEO-546 Changes to read zipped test-data files
KINFRA-1000 Fixed errant check in test_get_records_by_series.TestEndpoint.test_collection
KINFRA-1002 alter_table_columns: update error msg when string column too long to convert to include correct columns name
KINFRA-1007 Updated Populate table stats in StatsLogger
KINFRA-1011 Fixed potential pk lookup fail with prior deletions and multiple chunks by not invoking TypeObjectManager::fast_forward_indices_from_auth_mask()
KINFRA-236 GaiaParams uses VectorUtils::find/hasStructMemberInVector instead of one-off search functions for tiering
KINFRA-524 Remove usage of and files TaskProcessor.h/cpp, TaskSender, TaskSendRecv, ExitTask, GenericProcessorTask, OtherTaskStrategy, TaskStrategy, etc

TaskReceiver now returns error Message to sender if recv code throws instead of abandoning job

KINFRA-524 Worker_create_union uses map::insert().second instead of slower map::find() then map::insert()
KINFRA-65 Fixes and updates to rebalancing tests (specifically
KINFRA-959 Fix issue where TieredObjectRamPool may lose pinning object when multiple threads have pinned and one of them unpins.  Fix applies to BlockStencil, IndexStencil, and PKLookupTable
KINFRA-964 Initial compaction test fixture class structure along with tests for attribute and primary key indexes
KINFRA-964 More compaction tests added
KINFRA-973 Restore request timeout for workers
KINFRA-973 Tier dict-encoded vectors in persist when syncing from ram to disk
KINFRA-978 Update scheduler with dynamic active thread count
KINFRA-995 move primary_key write lock - before calling create_primary_key_lookup_table to avoid already read locked table
KOLAP-1089 Fix propagating filter and between-filter key info for regular gaia sets.   Propagate filter keys for join sets during between operation - make filter-expression-keys set_indexed expressions
KOLAP-1154 Fixed can't set refresh method to 'on_change' when multi-head is on
KOLAP-1156 Allow queries to operate on original join table while new join table is being created
KOLAP-1159 6.2 to master merge - make dim_set_indices all indices when var_set_indices is empty - allows expressions containing rand - not classified as constants - to apply to all the dimensions
KOLAP-1165 Fixed avoid deadlock during alter_table set_refresh_method by moving RefreshViewProc destructor call outside SetManager write lock
KOLAP-1167 Fixed a bug in convertGRBCIResponseAvroEncoding function
KOLAP-1178 porting fix from master from 6.2. Adding more tests to make sure n-way groupby response merges handle linestring aggregates in full mode testing
KOLAP-1182 6.2 to master merge - reset Join Type shard-key information every time Type:set_set_has_nulls is called
KOLAP-1182 Add more multi-shard key tests
KOLAP-1182 Added error bounds checks to Type::get_contained_shard_keys_of_joined_type.  Add is_replcated vector to Type constructor to avoid classifying primary keys as shard keys - which was the cause of at least some bounds errors
KOLAP-1182 Fix segmentation fault: get_contained_shard_keys_of_joined_type - When creating internal and external types in Endpoint_create_join_table pass the flattened is_replicated vector
KOLAP-1182 Shard keys are now shown in gadmin in the order they appear in the create_join_set column_names parameter.   If the column_names are not in shard key order they do not appear yet continue to work. If there are duplicate shard keys for a particular component only the first one appears though the second will continue to work.  Fixed additional serious problem where join of a join of a derived column didn't work correctly. * KOLAP-1183 - fixed problem where derived columns in the create_join_table column_names list appear in gadmin after the non-derived even if they were earlier in the column_names list.  Column_names now appear in the order they were given
KOLAP-1189 Update mutext protect parallel access to the m_between_expression_key map

Fix chunking problem with /create/projection on multichunk join tables with geo columns

KOLAP-1193 Message with get_receive_time() of 0 will not timeout
KOLAP-206 general improvements to window function code - move non-trivial methods from header to cpp - move standalone functions into class - other minor improvements
KUI-641 Fixed Cluster memory usage and total shows incorrect values
KUI-641 add slab to cache mem reporting to match what 'free' reports
KUI-642 Support new error message format for /alter/table/columns
KUI-643 Bytes count incorrect for bytes columns show in table view



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