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KDEVOPS-234 bootstrap-apt uses sudo if ! root
KDEVOPS-308 Fix aws lib build for centos6 libcurl, rem out CURLOPT_TCP_KEEPALIVE and friends that didn't exist in curl < 7.25, should be harmless
KDEVOPS-308 Fix parallel to not use --no-notice in centos6, it didn't exist
KDEVOPS-308 Fix make-gaia-rpm to not change permissions on missing kifs dir if kitools is not included
KGEO-489 added on-the-fly vector tile LOD generation and fixed several hidden bugs in VT LOD generation
KINFRA-889 Re-write the entire vector to persist if it was previously evicted to cold but modified in RAM - Sync vector to persist before evicting to cold - Log persist pinning errors to help with debugging - Return error when exceptions thrown reading from cold

add missing check for the return status from readObject in cold storage tier manager

KINFRA-938 Change default compaction threshold from 0 to -1 (0 could theoretically be a legit case if we allow it)

Fixed IndexedDb compaction test to use configured output dir and to fully clean up after itself

KINFRA-939 One more fix for IndexedDb compaction tests - give each IndexedDb instance a separate subdir of persist so they don't operate on the same files
KINFRA-939 Overload/templatize selected operations in SetIndexedDb and IndexedDb so that compaction uses managed vectors
KINFRA-958 Stop all WorkItem threads on shutdown before freeing the toms - also disable tiering limits and watermark thresholds
KINFRA-961 Initial conf setting "compaction_threshold" and stub method in GaiaSet to check if compaction is needed
KINFRA-965 Make rebalancing workers use calc threads

Fix compilation warning from prev commit

KINFRA-968 set metadata persist file in GaiaSetDataContainer at the same time when setting persist file for the container
KINFRA-980 protect indexedDB flush running from SetManager
KINFRA-982 Update get_set_sizes_internal retry limit
KINFRA-993 Poke both Calc/Proc pools when a WI completes in case one is saturated
KINFRA-995 Fix a deadlock by not regenerating the PK table (which involves grabbing a write lock) if the table is empty
KINFRA-995 add loading of pk and generating of pk index for fk on startup
KOLAP-1087 allow specifying null value as part of a list partition -previously null values always went into the DEFAULT partition, now you can specify that null values go into a named partition
KOLAP-1112 Change error messages so inner message is listed first
KOLAP-1152 Convert geo vectors to wkt vectors for sharded groupby
KOLAP-1152 sharded geometry aggregates were not converting into wkt vectors hence sinking did not happen expected. FIXED. linestringfromorderedpoints() aggregate can be queried along with other geometry aggregates
KOLAP-1153 Fix /get/records/fromcollection when called on a collection containing join tables
KOLAP-206 Updated split out window functions from parser into separate WindowUtils - make cleaner separation, reduce file sizes and improve compile times
KUI-631 Update gadmin basemap for openlayers widget
KUI-632 Update demo data import modal messaging
KUI-634 Handle log messages in KIO configure column output



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