Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Improved performance of deletion in the presence of attribute indexes (KOLAP-1088)
  • Enhancements to Reveal’s scatterplot and realtime slices (KUI-677)
  • Various bug fixes - 30 issues were fixed


KDEVOPS-384 Update Java 8 dependency to Headless in make-gaia-rpm and make-gaia-deb
KGEO-496 Updated the tests to be multi-thread safe
KGEO-540 Fixed ST_Buffer issue with depth not matching
KGEO-559 Update geodist to handle lon/lat points outside of range
KGEO-560 Add missing lock in ShapeProcessor::get_memory_usage()
KINFRA-1011 Fix potential pk lookup fail when there are prior deletions and multiple chunks
KINFRA-1023 Fix segmentation fault: get_contained_shard_keys_of_joined_type
KINFRA-1038 log all errors to sys.stderr.write() to not pollute gpudb_cluster_info.js

Improve performance of /delete/records when there are attribute indexes. Instead of ignoring the delete stencil at index creation time and then applying the delete stencil during /delete/records, we now respect the delete stencil during index creation and ignore it during /delete/records since we always AND with the overall delete stencil after doing any lookups


Make dim_set_indices all indices when var_set_indices is empty - allows expressions containing rand - not classified as constants - to apply to all the dimensions


Reset Join Type shard-key information every time Type:set_set_has_nulls is called

KOLAP-1189 Mutext protect parallel access to the m_between_expression_key map
KOLAP-1207 Don't allow init_with_now on shard_key columns.  Fix for inserting null values for init_with_now columns
KOLAP-1236 Fix infinite loop in /append/records when the source table and destination table are the same and the table has >20k records
KUI-467 Allow slice embed endpoint to accept post requests with credentials to login user
KUI-505 Skip unnecessary filtering when possible in global filtering scheme
KUI-540 Enhance KIO UI to be more responsive to various screen resolutions
KUI-540 Fix layout for checkboxes in KIO
KUI-573 Add support to Reveal SDK to remove custom slice from build
KUI-590 Support new init with now feature for timestamp columns in GAdmin
KUI-612 Investigate and add support for TSV import
KUI-639 Reduce size of tools as we add more to fit on screen
KUI-639 Resize Scatter plot class break legend items
KUI-648 Update demo data dashboard default basemap to OSM
KUI-654 Scatterplot popup function didn't work when timestamp value uses as X axis
KUI-659 Execute highlighted SQL only KiSQL UI
KUI-666 Allow configuration of alternate titles for slices in dashboard view
KUI-668 Bar chart slice stops listening for global filter when in-slice config panel settings have been modified
KUI-677 Fix bug with grouped lines
KUI-677 Improve autoscale of y-axis for Realtime slice



None currently


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