Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Various bug fixes - 16 issues were fixed


KGEO-182 Now ST_Segmentize works in Euclidean mode. Minor bug fix for ST_Length
KGEO-366 Changed 'shpere' -> 'sphere'
KGEO-366 Updated ST_Buffer to accept 'solution_type' to create buffers in meters.[0: Euclidean, 1:Sphere]. Also ST_Buffer returns NULL if 'solution_type' is not valid
KGEO-565 Change ShapeProcessor::clear() lock order, fixes deadlock from last commit adding lock in ShapeProcessor::get_memory_usage()
KINFRA-1019 Add support for init_with_now in alter/table add/change column
KUI-657 Add support for CSV with Kinetica header to drag-n-drop import
KUI-658 Apply global filter on current extent on Map slice
KUI-660 Fixed hidden support menu icon on small width display

Make cluster status global/available on most if not all screens


GAdmin - Support CSV export option for a map extent filter


Make generated tables permanent

KUI-671 Add feature to allow users to create collections only
KUI-675 3D Chart slice does not re-render properly when error is encountered on first load in slice designer
KUI-679 Filter slice auto-refresh timestamp not updating to last refresh
KUI-681 Add support for custom hostname param for caravel.db and cache.db paths
KUI-682 Reduce unnecessary re-render of Filter slice color-picker



None currently


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