Kinetica Release Notes

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  • New ‘min_max_scaled’ option for scatterplots (KGEO-569)
  • GAdmin table ‘stats’ page has an ‘apply all recommendations’ button (KUI-661)
  • GAdmin can run on ports other than 8080 (KUI-706)
  • Various bug fixes - 28 issues were fixed


KDEVOPS-420 Updated JDK dependency to Java 8
KGEO-182 Updated ST_Segmentize to match with PostGIS' algorithm
KGEO-182 Updated ST_Segmentize to skips all consequential duplicate points
KGEO-302 Fixed Memory leak
KGEO-302 ST_Concavehull: Now unique_ptr is used to manage all Geometry object allocations
KGEO-562 ST_ConcaveHull is implemented. The main algorithm is adapted from PostGIS' ST_ConcaveHull
KGEO-564 Added eglReleaseThread fix to 6.2
KGEO-569 Added an option min_max_scaled for scatter plots with log scaling
KINFRA-1071 Fix deadlock in jobmanager cancel to GaiaSetFileSync::deleteFile() getting chunk lock and request checking if canceled

Fix MurmurHash crash on giant (>INT_MAX) strings due to size_t -> int wrapping


Equijoin on Equijoin now filters out null values correctly


Fix valgrind error


Support null values in geojson property output correctly


Fixed constant simplification to avoid deep recursion - disabled broken is_useless_double_float_cast

KUI-629 Add support for authentication for Data Browser slice CSV download feature
KUI-661 Create button 'apply all recommendations' button to column stats modal
KUI-663 Add init_with_now support for edit table/add column once alter/table endpoints are updated

Enhanced KIO logging with new log level and log file options (KIO_LOGLEVEL && KIO_LOGFILE)

KUI-673 Fixed any discrepancies with source/destination types/features and KIO docs
KUI-687 Added x-axis formatting option to Bar Chart slice
KUI-694 Reveal table joiner sql mode does not support 'create or replace table' and add loading animation during execution
KUI-697 GAdmin create table screen should remove foreign-shard-key; add in check box for persisted (defaults to true); add in option for chunk_size
KUI-698 Rearrange attribution in Map slice
KUI-700 Develop and create dark theme css for Reveal and track in repo
KUI-700 Update dark theme
KUI-704 Optimize reuse of Map slice layer(s) to avoid 'unrendered' state during layer refresh
KUI-706 Remove any remaining hard dependencies on GAdmin being on port 8080 for app to function
KUI-708 Add client-side validation for role and user names to check for all lowercase characters
KUI-709 GAdmin Can't Insert a Null into a Byte Column
KUI-711 Don't recommend dict encoding for char1 columns



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