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KGEO-553 Added restrictions to query graph
KGEO-563 Added an API to retrieve OpenGL renderer status to RendererFactory
KGEO-567 Fixed GPU frame buffer allocation issue with many concurrent requests and 4 toms per rank
KINFRA-1057 Fix GaiaSetDictVector.cpp extend_min_max to not use std::min/max on large fixed_array<N> types, a memcpy to same address
KINFRA-1068 Fix 'thread capacity reached' errors
KINFRA-1069 Update watermark logging rate
KINFRA-1070 Fixed Don't set evict action to persist on GaiaSetData if no persist file
KINFRA-1070 Fixed When GaiaSet is destroyed, let GaiaSetData set its own eviction action to avoid chunk vector/JobManager deadlock
KINFRA-1071 Fixed deadlock in jobmanager cancel to GaiaSetFileSync::deleteFile() getting chunk lock and request checking if canceled
KINFRA-1073 Fixed race condition in test. Verify zmq thread started before adding a table monitor
KINFRA-1074 Add AbortableConditionSet for mass aborts of conditions Add support for AbortableConditionSet to OrderedRWLock Add support for initial unlocked state and try lock to ScopedOrderedRWLock Fix double unlock bug in ConcurrentSGMap by switching from unlocker to initially unlocked scoped lock
KINFRA-1074 Added ability cancel alter table column
KINFRA-1074 Added scoped unlocker in ConcurrentSGMap
KINFRA-1074 Update list of cancellable and timeout able jobs
KINFRA-199 Persist and load shard version on rank 0
KINFRA-524 CMakeLists don't link to GLU and GL, only EGL and GLESv2. Add nvidia-smi check in gpudb start script for cuda
KINFRA-575 In Worker_rebalance_sharded make sure we still clear rebalancing status from the shard controller if the worker throws
KINFRA-724 FastAvroUtils.cpp encode_object doesn't make extra copy of string anymore, use correct constructor
KINFRA-801 Ensure that indexdb is created during finalize when result table persist is specified and result set is larger than the chunk size
KINFRA-863 Chunk compaction updates

Added a log with elapsed time before sync msg is sent during /add/rank

KINFRA-961 Do compaction at the end of rebalancing
KINFRA-961 In GaiaSetData when loading from persist, populate chunk id to chunk index map for all chunks (was only populating chunk 0)
KINFRA-964 Added random seed option to /admin/rebalance endpoint to help recreate specific issues, and other minor tweaks to
KINFRA-964 Added some deletion tests to
KINFRA-964 In, added deletions to join & filter tests, added tracks test
KOLAP-1020 Updated plumb Worker and WorkerExecutionContext into all Chunker constructors - use these in the JoinedSetChunker constructor to replace parallel OMP loop with IndexedWorkItemExecutor
KOLAP-1097 Equijoin on Equijoin now filters out null values correctly
KOLAP-1124 View definition reloading from the persist after restart of the database
KOLAP-1221 Added Multi-head Insert support for ODBC
KOLAP-1280 Add support of chunk skipping for stxy_* Geometry functions
KOLAP-1280 Fixed a review comment to pass strings separately instead of construction a vector of string. - GAIA_LOG_INFO statements we checked-in accidentally. Modified to DEBUG
KOLAP-1298 Honor request_timeout in /execute/sql endpoint
KOLAP-206 Added RANGE function support - created new algorithm for computing ranges by finding indices for beginning and ending of frame and then iterating over those ranges - added three new code paths for the function classes sum/count/avg, min/max, and first_value/last_value - added two new code paths for each class of function, unbounded vs bounded frames



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