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KDEVOPS-423 Fix cuda80 (no gl support yet) and move to runtime rather than devel
KDEVOPS-423 Updated to add support for EGL rendering
KDEVOPS-434 Add .template version of to distribution
KECO-1058 create collections in
KGEO-348 Merge updates for ST_LongestLine, ST_MaxDistance, and ST_DFullyWithin from 6.2 branch
KGEO-569 Added an option min_max_scaled for scatter plots with log scaling
KGEO-570 Allow graph endpoints (mainly query) to consume direct input instead of having to refer to pre-existing table(s)
KGEO-574 Allow multiple configurations per component in graph requests. Identifier combinations should be separated by an empty line
KINFRA-1076 Decode shutdown request in Worker_shutdown cont. (proper use of init lock)
KINFRA-1076 Handle rank shutdown in Worker_shutdown instead of ExitTask to ensure Worker_shutdown is finished before scheduler shuts down
KINFRA-1076 Populate "OK" message in /admin/shutdown endpoint response
KINFRA-1078 Fixed issues with obsolete gaiaset cache after a rebalance Also fix the distribution type for get_records_by_series messages
KINFRA-1079 Fixed Endpoint_rebuild_db.cpp stop_view_refreshes before clear_table_response
KINFRA-1081 Fixed MurmurHash crash on giant (>INT_MAX) strings due to size_t -> int wrapping
KINFRA-1083 Don't use GaiaRWSpinLock in OrderedRWLock, doesn't seem to work right on PPC; also add additional state checks
KINFRA-1085 don't sed gdb thread ids to thread names if not writing log files
KINFRA-1085 Log WARN (not ERROR) in ConcurrentSGMap::get, TOM::get_gaia_set, and Worker_clear_internal for missing table
KINFRA-1085 Worker_clear_internal WARN, not ERROR, about missing table
KINFRA-1087 Fix crash with /insert/records (and /insert/records/random) with many toms. Fix error handling for Endpoint transactions by using a std::vector<uint8_t> instead of std::vector<bool> which isn't safe to use with OMP threads
KINFRA-1088 Fix valgrind error reading worker after destruction

Disable alter table cancel job completion

KINFRA-1089 Fixed failure running test_clear_table twice
KINFRA-1089 Fixed hanging jobs in dire ram tier scenarios
KINFRA-1090 Change the workers to timeout from the time the jobInfo is received by the worker rather than each message
KINFRA-1094 Make /alter/system/properties with flush_to_disk option a solo job
KINFRA-1094 Make alter_system_properties and get_set_sizes_internal run in system resource group
KINFRA-575 Fixed When an /admin/add/ranks fails due to invalid conf params, return a more informative message to the user
KINFRA-932 Update to, which tests our ability to query joins/views during rebalancing
KINFRA-948 Added EndpointHead::getSetManagerMutable() method, endpoints that mutate set manager now use this instead of getSetManager()
KINFRA-964 Added chunk cache test to, /show/system/properties now includes chunk cache enabled conf property in response
KINFRA-964 Updates to compaction tests, primarily unit testing with ram and persist tier limits
KOLAP-1065 CMakeLists TimeUtils needs lib rt, link to it in Base
KOLAP-1092 Copy JoinedSet::m_is_incrementally_refreshable from other in copy ctor
KOLAP-1111 Added hash partition capability - needed to optimize window function projection creation - we can use hash partitioning to colocate values in chunks so that we can do chunked window function evaluation
KOLAP-1148 Update append/records fast path support random sharding
KOLAP-1201 Don't allow to refresh/set_refresh_period/set_refresh_method/set_refresh_start_time on base table
KOLAP-1253 Parallel predicate-equijoin implemented with IndexedWorkItemExecutor covering outer and inner chunker loops
KOLAP-1253 Predicate equi join coded and compiled. Functions added to
KOLAP-1253 Predicate-equi-join implemented and tested - serial version
KOLAP-1263 Fixed crash bug when running all_test in parallel - fix a case where we were calling avro::compileJsonSchema with an existing ValidSchema - AVRO documentation makes clear you can't update a ValidSchema - therefore make sure to generate a new one (merged up from 6.2)
KOLAP-1305 Added EglTest dir, exe, and add to core/bin/gpudb_egltest in package
KOLAP-1305 Fixed CmakeLists egltest dep on eglrenderer
KOLAP-1305 Update gpudb script add disabled (for now) check calling gpudb_egltest if conf enable_opengl_renderer=true, 2nd user fails

Throw an error if creating TRACK table with partitioning

KOLAP-1307 Fixed valgrind error
KOLAP-1308 Support null values in geojson property to output correctly
KOLAP-1313 Fixed compiler warning in Type.cpp
KOLAP-1313 Type::get_contained_shard_keys_of_joined_type validates all non-replicated tables with shard keys have the same number - non-replicated tables with 0 shard keys are caught later
KOLAP-1314 Prepare window functions to be executed on multiple chunks
KOLAP-1323 Fixed inconsistent result with subchunked predicate join with concurrent kernels on (due to a missing sync)
KOLAP-1328 Worker_create_join_table.cpp converted to WorkerResponseHandler

Eliminate obsolete window function min and max kernels (merged to

KOLAP-664 Fixed constant simplification to avoid deep recursion - disabled broken is_useless_double_float_cast
KOLAP-900 Re-enable fast path when source table and target table are the same since we create a view before appending
KOLAP-998 Update the doc fields related to LIST partitioning
KUI-673 Enhanced KIO logging with new log level and log file options (KIO_LOGLEVEL && KIO_LOGFILE)

Add graph endpoints to API tool save last endpoint list



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