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  • /append/records fast path implemented for non-sharded, non-replicated tables (KOLAP-1148)
  • Support for spherical/spheroid distance metrics in ST_MaxDistance, ST_DFullyWithin and ST_LongestLine (KGEO-364/365)
  • Additional KIO parameter support via GAdmin (KUI-673)
  • Reveal dashboard support for import/export (KUI-676)
  • Various bug fixes - 27 issues were fixed


KDEVOPS-434 Add .template version of to distribution
KDEVOPS-434 Updated RPM and Deb to merge
KGEO-364 Implemented ST_MaxDistance in meters
KGEO-365 Implemented ST_DFullyWithin in meters
KGEO-506 Clean up some unnecessary typedefs and functions, before refactoring GeometryUtils.cpp
KGEO-564 Fixed eglReleaseThread performance issue
KGEO-572 Implemented ST_LongestLine in meters
KINFRA-1053 Fix in GaiaSetBaseVector::copy_to: when num_bytes < vector.size and vector is compressed
KINFRA-1096 Updated

Fixed type: m_part_of_previously_joined_set initialization


Updated /append/records fast path support random sharding


Fixed crash bug when running all_test in parallel - fix a case when calling avro::compileJsonSchema with an existing ValidSchema - AVRO documentation makes clear you can't update a ValidSchema - therefore make sure to generate a new one


Updates to shard keys (updating the value of a shard key) will move the record to the appropriate TOM (using the same delete/insert mechanism as updates to the primary key)


Added a hidden option 'enable_legacy_multistep_equijoin_null_behavior' to revert the KOLAP-1097 bugfix which fixed evaluation of NULL=NULL in follow-on equijoins. This is to support legacy behavior.

KOLAP-900 Re-enabled fast path when source table and target table are the same since we create a view before appending
KUI-673 Added support for --gis-ext-enabled option for Postgres and SQL Server spark import
KUI-673 Added support for KIO params --d-spark-enable-multihead, --d-spark-timeout-milliseconds, --d-collection-name, --d-update-on-existing-pk, and --d-is-replicated for Kinetica datasource

Expose Reveal dashboard import/export scripts in the UI

KUI-703 Add support for SSL in KiSQL GAdmin GUI (6.2)
KUI-713 Add hint for KIO use Odo feature and info about CLI usage
KUI-714 WMS preview popup should still display lat/long column drop-downs even if no matches found
KUI-716 Using kisql from Gadmin exposes password
KUI-719 Enable dark theme as pre-packaged CSS template
KUI-720 Add ability to sort columns by name for configure table screen
KUI-733 Set default to gpudb.log if config prop missing
KUI-733 Update GAdmin logging to handle rolling logs
KUI-737 Fixed Bad validation when trying to create external user



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