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KINFRA-1085 Add GAIA_DESTRUCTOR_BEGIN/END to KernelExecutionHelper and EGLRenderer
KINFRA-923 Fixed bug in Worker_create_type, not using its own ram pool to initialize its thread contexts -Because of this, when running as a child worker during an add ranks, it was falling back to using its parent worker's ram pool. -This caused an error if the child worker object outlived the parent, which was otherwise ok in this case
KINFRA-301 Fix AvroUtils::compile_schema to throw instead of exit()
KINFRA-1160 Fix quoting in when showing docker pids
KINFRA-1215 Update worker cancel callback to take a weak_ptr - Prevents JM from extending the lifetime of the worker - Also deleted any debug log statements referencing getRequestMessage which returns null at that point
KINFRA-1222 Fix metadata errors on startup - fixed geometry vector bounding box check - fixed dict vector sync to persist that was bypassing tier manager - removed redundant metadata update calls
KINFRA-1215 Fix workers kept alive via job manager - Worker needs to disconnect from cancellation signal prior to dtor, since the dtor is no longer called until after the disconnection. - Fixed segfault in tiered_storage_test; JM::clear needs to be called prior to exiting the tests
KINFRA-923 Remove ReceiverQueue and related code
KINFRA-1160 gpudb kill 0 doesn't ask y/n anymore
KINFRA-1160 ignores processes in docker in run on host
KINFRA-1196 GaiaZmq hardcode HWM to 10k (default 1k), should be conf param eventually
KINFRA-1215 Fix segfault race cond between JM cancel and Worker destruction - The workers register for cancellation events from JM with a lambda which captured 'this'. If a worker was being destroyed while a cancellation came in for that same jobid it was possible for the callback to reference what had become invalid memory. - Changed the lambda to take a shared_from_this ref. This required changing the worker create_worker method to register for events
KINFRA-923 Remove TaskProcessor and Task framework and misc other dead code
KINFRA-1095 Fix SetIndexedDb::get_object_count_impl() should vect.resize() not reserve() to not fall off vector (this was harmless, but wrong)
KINFRA-923 Fix Migrate communicator_test to worker framework
KINFRA-1120 In sync_replicated_table_internal_response, use long vice int to track inserted record count
KINFRA-923 Convert sync_replicated_table_internal_request to worker framework
KINFRA-1215 Fix unable to cancel join during concurrent failure - Employed double-checked lock to isActive when queuing up pending WI - Fixes bug queuing up pending tasks after exec was shutdown which prevented the - worker from thinking it was complete - Added a flag to the executor to forcefully schedule a WI even if the executor is shutdown - Used to guarantee a job cancellation WI is executed - Added throwIfCancelled to Worker base class
KINFRA-1140 Fixed gpudb_migrate_persist for rebuild table and restore test in
KINFRA-1140 Remove run_persist_scripts() from, since failing after changes to - will resume after fixing the test/script

Fix create_join_table handleRollback to not rollback on refresh - change aggregate_group_by handleRollback to rollback on refresh when the the table is not a temp table - add tests



Add missing window function utils from last commit - initialize data vector values in lag and lead window functions


CharN dict vector metadata is now populated at startup


Implement maximize function - left join now works for minimize/maximize function - additional error checks added


Much faster /create/projection for dict (and non-dict columns). -If a projection is going from a source column (not a derived column) and it is not store_only or geometry and it is going to a column that matches it in nullability AND the stencil is all true then we don't use the GPUManager we just do an append_from from the source column to the destination column. - For dict columns it is now much faster to do append_from


Minimize function working for 1 chunk pk table, inner join. Fixed problem with between-2d filter when upper bound expression is less than lower bound expression


Fix output of SHOW SECURITY


Fix computing window functions when forcing replication - we were using the original table as input to the window function rather than the replicated table - modified the code to use m_source_table and m_target_table consistently to try to avoid any confusion in future


Comparison optimization
KOLAP-1409 Minimize-2d join under construction
KOLAP-1162 append/records handles multiple-bytes character correctly
KOLAP-1409 Fixed between-2d filter when tables are oppositely ordered - begin implementing minimize-2d join
KOLAP-1295 /create/projection option preserve_dict_encoding=false removes dict encoding from the projection
KOLAP-1409 Parser related: add between prototypes for all comparable data types - Parser related: add prototypes for new minimize function - FilterPlanner.cpp, BlockStencil.cpp - add information to JoinedStencilDesc and BlockStencil used for between2d filter to keep track of column_name that is between - - add between tests for datatime
KOLAP-1463 Changed incremental join and create join table workers to use calc thread pool
KOLAP-664 Disable test_kolap664 in all_test - problem was performance time check cannot have reasonable upper bound
KOLAP-1462 Fix error in SpaceEfficientIndexVector::gatherFromForeignKey
KOLAP-1450 Do not return automatic partitions from get_partition_definitions() - this was causing a bug when rebuilding partitioned tables because we pass the result of get_partition_definitions() to the new GaiaSet constructor
KOLAP-1450 Updates to rebuild test for partitioned tables - improve what's printed during rebuild
KOLAP-1266 Set refresh period a larger number instead of 1 second
KGEO-358 ST_LineLocatePoint is implemented
KGEO-589 ST_Grid functions are now implemented: ST_HexGrid, ST_PointGrid, ST_SquareGrid, and ST_TriangleGrid
KGEO-586 Fixed isochrone WARN message appearing during normal contour reconstruction



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