Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Reveal map slice enhancement to support borderless shapes (KUI-751)
  • Various bug fixes - 20 issues were fixed


KGEO-608 Fixed bug with ST_ConcaveHull
KINFRA-1171 Added test stencil after restart
KINFRA-1179 Fix to not allow alter/table change/add/remove column actions on materialized_view
KOLAP-1078 table-less query also adjusted to consider filter expressions
KOLAP-1266 Set refresh period a larger number instead of 1 second
KOLAP-1417 Added time_int/long_cast functions
KOLAP-1433 Fix to handle single quote escape correctly when updating records
KOLAP-1433 Make all rollup() work tables as non-persist result tables
KOLAP-1438 Expand a.* and * column names for type to create new flat column-name list to be added to external type

Fixed long to time conversion bug


Fix string format to have missing options and split memory string into 2 parts so same command be resent


Update KIO UI with any new features or changes with CLI


Improve layout/size of table distribution modal


Reveal Map Slice to allow no border/shape line on polygon geometries

KUI-755 Fixed users logged in with Kerberos credentials don't have any permissions
KUI-761 Implement type-ahead table name selection for KiDDL screen and also add to table info modal
KUI-763 Remove/clean up created table if advanced CSV import fails and never inserts any rows
KUI-767 Map Slice / Filter by Extent option of WKT Geometry data
KUI-768 Dynamically size some key modals that benefit from full display
KUI-763 Fixed GAdmin log report generator not working for rolling logs



None currently


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