Kinetica Release Notes

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KDEVOPS-374 Moved tomcat-restart to posttrans scriptlet
KGEO-642 Fixed a frame buffer allocation issue with a WMS request of large-scale width/height
KGEO-643 Fix to improve GL frame buffer allocation by changing allocateFB() to return NPE when allocation fails; additional check for frame buffer count and rendering request map
KGEO-643 Change to prevent invalid frame buffer objects from deallocating valid ones
KGEO-645 Fixed excessive memory usage by CPUDataBuffer with many toms and a stream of wms requests
KINFRA-1321 Fix for mismatching job_id between start and completion logs for WMS, WFS & VTS requests
KINFRA-1330 Updated show/table to be cancellable
KOLAP-1076 FilterPlanner now postpones simplifications requiring is_nullable function to after outer joins have been done.  TypePtr in FilterPlanner is now a copy that is updated with set-nullable info after each step
KOLAP-1505 Outer predicate-equi-join now sets the set_indices of both sides of the equi-join to cover the full set of set-indices required by the outer-join.  Issues occurred when some of those indices were cross-joined
KOLAP-1543 Updated Simplified ParserUtils::isa_constant_rpn and ParserUtils::isa_constant_rpn_tree
KOLAP-1567 Ensure that we create chunks when doing a projection on a join input table - added a test for this and also for the case when a window function is included, both when the partition key matches the sharding and when it doesn't
KOLAP-1572 Fixed proj storing mutated request avro
KUI-866 Update histogram layout


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