Kinetica Release Notes

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KDEVOPS-505 Added UDF API to distributed python environment
KDEVOPS-505 Added basic UDF API dependencies
KDEVOPS-558 Removed unnecessary pycairo dependency from rpm
KDEVOPS-563 Added logging modules to httpd
KGEO-647 Change to hold pin(s) for geo-vector(s) until rendering is completed
KGEO-648 New geospatial aggregate: 'st_aggregate_intersection' (also st_intersection_aggregate) to be able to compute the intersection of WKTs within a group
KGEO-650 ST_area improvement for the case of sphere option: It appears that smaller polygon area computations are very sensitive to the sub-corner angle oriented area signs. The near zero tolerance selection was observed to be too low. Once this is changed to 1.0E-10 from 1.0E-12 the results started to appear acceptable/comparable to PostGIS version for the spherical option
KGEO-651 Rescheduling for GL frame buffers to avoid potential dead-lock scenario
KGEO-651 Update to GL rendering request cancellation logic  now reflecting frame buffer rescheduling change
KUI-889 UI Import doesn't handle extra copies of files ("x (1).*" or "x (copy).*")
KUI-898 Skip Error in Advanced CSV Import should drop extra columns in records
KUI-899 Handle null strings in all column types for Advanced CSV Import
KUI-902 Added functionality to write failed rows to CSV file feature to advanced CSV import tool
KUI-903 Allow server filesystem path to file for advanced CSV import



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