Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Expression Fix (KOLAP-1543)
  • Various bug fixes - 56 issues were fixed


KDEVOPS-563 Add logging modules to httpd
KINFRA-1095 CommunicatorUtils check minimum size of received data before deserializing
KINFRA-1053 Fixed bug in alter table add/change columns, when 2 columns are mapped to the same original column
KOLAP-1440 Handle the 'L' suffix on constants in field::convert
KOLAP-1522 Fixed bad vector copy causing segfault in StringOnStringSimplification
KOLAP-1543 Fixed slow queries with very long ‘or’ expressions and improve performance of rpn_tree_to_vector conversion function
KOLAP-186 Added case expression tests after adding charN_date/time_cast functions
KOLAP-186 Added charN_ts_cast functions

Added back charN_datetime_cast functions


Provide a way to bind OK button to RETURN key on rename table


Allow conditional color formatting on Big Number slice based on thresholds


KiSQL UI to provide Visualize WMS option


Added batch size option support to KIO UI

KUI-780 Update connection timeout label for more balanced layout
KUI-785 Restoring from API tool history does not set config properly for boolean and 'choices' widgets
KUI-786 Added support for new Spark network timeout CLI parameter
KUI-790 Update Spark parameter names to match changes in KIO CLI
KUI-794 In WMS preview, single character column names for lat/lon do not have large enough dropdowns for visibility
KUI-795 Added support for rendering n number of wkt columns at once in wms preview
KUI-802 Prevent double-clicking of run query button in KiSQL by disabling button on first click to prevent duplicate execution
KUI-805 Auto-focus on SQL Query entry textarea after click on Clear button
KUI-806 Conditionally enable/support KIO logging for engine=spark only while we figure out Odo
KUI-806 Update some KIO table input fields to autocomplete
KUI-815 After reloading API request from history, previous request using JSON mode remains mismatched
KUI-819 Bump up proxy socket timeout
KUI-819 Investigate and extend GAdmin API tool timeout
KUI-822 Change Ranks -> Worker Ranks in Setup screen
KUI-823 Enable table filter to search deep into collections to match
KUI-826 Reveal: Fixed multiple map slices prevent pop up window from working correctly
KUI-837 Worker node GAdmin app goes into infinite login redirects
KUI-842 Add helpful hints to using Dashboard import tool
KUI-844 Use filter endpoint with GEODIST expression instead of filter by radius for all slices
KUI-845 Feature rendering on Map slice uses class- break style configuration instead if available
KUI-855 Fix Reveal SQL Lab limit reached check
KUI-862 WMS request sometimes fires cb_raster rendering request with missing cb parameters
KUI-866 Replace filter_by_radius_geometry endpoint calls with filter endpoint w/ custom geo expressions
KUI-866 Update histogram layout
KUI-874 Create custom Bubble Chart for PayPal POC
KUI-874 Fix tooltip duplication bug and initial mouse over position
KUI-874 Fix tooltips for using more than one bubble 2 slice in dashboard
KUI-874 Make saturation scale global and prevent dupe add-on filters on bubble chart
KUI-875 Add option to disable Map slice zoom on mouse scroll
KUI-877 Allow no sorting option for Data Browser slice
KUI-880 Force Reveal app to pull updated js/css after restart
KUI-882 Add copy to clipboard for user data field in Running Jobs table
KUI-887 Improve Reveal multi-map filtering support
KUI-889 Fix for UI Import doesn't handle extra copies of files ("x (1).*" or "x (copy).*")
KUI-894 Disable order classes by default for Map slice
KUI-896 Enable Column Filter slice to cache suggestions to prevent repeated stats and aggregates API calls
KUI-896 Fix CSS in slice designer view
KUI-896 Replace aggregate/unique calls with aggregate/groupby for performance improvement
KUI-898 Skip Error in Advanced CSV Import should drop extra columns in records
KUI-899 Handle null strings in all column types for Advanced CSV Import
KUI-901 Convert geo filter endpoint calls back to filter_by_x



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