Kinetica Release Notes

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  • Various bug fixes - 17 issues were fixed


KECO-1364 Update odo/backends/ update collection name passing into gpudb.GPUdbTable options
KECO-1364 Update odo_local_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json spark_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json
KECO-1364 Update update method get_kinetica_records_for_comparison() add in alternative patch around Python API in order to disambiguate between collections and tables. Should be replaced with logic carried over from Kinetica
KECO-1453 Update add special handling for SQL query generation for varbinary types, as it is much different than geometry/geography column data types
KECO-1453 Update register column type 'geometry' with --gis-ext-enabled. Prior to this commit, the only support KIO had for SQL Server GIS types was column type 'geography'
KECO-1453 Update sql_server_generic_alter_wkt_column_to_wkb.sql alter as varbinary processing/conversion is much different than geometry/geography
KECO-1453 Update update CLI documentation
KECO-1459 Add frontal_missing_values.csv frontal_missing_values_no_values.csv
KECO-1459 Update spark/ add SPARK_OPTION_INGESTER_FAIL_ON_ERRORS constant, and update add option to pass into the Spark Connector

Update spark_chunks_local_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json spark_csv_to_kinetica.metadata.json move one test from single to chunks since it references chunked ingest


Update update method prefetch_kwargs_for_kwargs_dependent_resources() avoid calling parser.parse_known_args() if the user passes in -h/--help so as to call parser.parse_args() in main CLI parser with actual help menu


Add logs in SetIndexedDbFile::rename_setdata_id


Add fifo lock on alter table for protection from inserts on multi-head


GlobalManager wraps jobids at max_int - 1000

KINFRA-1387 GaiaCudaUtils::getCudaFreeMemory() skip non enumerated GPUs instead of throwing, fixes not being able to run UDFs
KUI-915 Allow shape color parameters to override classbreak color parameters
KUI-920 Disable animation on the Bar Chart slice rendering



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