Kinetica Release Notes

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  •  8 Resolved Issues


KGEO-662 Fixed a crash in WKT ordered class-break in double precision
KINFRA-1410 Change so that we now update indexedDB first on inserts and updates, and verify persist directory exists before adding/updating records
KOLAP-1602 Fixed problem where error is detected in parsing bad timestamp month value
KOLAP-1602 is_date_string, is_time_string and is_datetime_string no longer use try/catch to determine return value
KOLAP-1602 Fix error string in parse_timestamp_string(), use to_string on int
KUI-937 Fix KAgent http protocol when GAdmin is https
KUI-946 Display cluster offline status (if offline)
KUI-949 Add skip header row option to Advanced CSV import to allow regular header import into existing table



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